Should We Recall Gillett?

This is of course highly theoretical at best, as I think we might be unable to recall Simon Gillett, but if there was the chance should we?

Is Gillett any worse than the options we have right now? Aside from the glaring error against derby in a high profile game I never thought he did much wrong, and just seemed to have been cast aside by Billy Davies,

The point is I always thought he'd be a Billy type player too, a logical progression on from Paul McKenna in that deeper midfielder "water carrier" role.

But as I have repeatedly said before, there is a great deal of football fans, and it seems especially with Forest who simply don't understand a defensive midfielder. They berated McKenna in the past, when his role was to sit deep collect the ball and move it on forward, on the ground. Jara has been playing that role lately but at times he seems unable to play the role when it's needed to be someone who dictates the speed and direction of the game.

That role acts as a fulcrum, in a way that when you put a Moussi type player in there they don’t. He does the physical side of breaking play up, but he isn't a creative outlet, never expected to bomb forward. The problem with a Moussi player in a side playing creative football is that he can't do both. They do best in physical tough sides. We aren't that at the moment.

Gillett would be perfect in that role. And right now would be just what we need. I'm not saying he would adequately replace Lansbury, Reid and Vaughan, but right now who can?

However, there is the question of if he can be recalled. There is the rule that clubs can't recall a player in this period, but we all know how rules can be bent and broken. I'm sure if Bristol City were suitably incentivised they would "send him back" for something or other and we could use the player then.

With so many out for so long, if we aren't going to bring a loan in, then what about bringing a loan back?