5 Best and 5 Worst Derby Day Memories of Recent Years

Rather than actual matches or results, we look at the moments that made this fixture over the last 10 years or so.

5 Best

5) Robbie Savage has a Hissy Fit
Forest won this game though Rob Earnshaw. That was good. Dean Moxey got sent off. That was funny. What was best was Robbie Savage, of scarf twirling fame (after so long being hated for being shit on huge wages) getting hauled off by Clough and having a meltdown throwing his boots around in the dug out

4) A5-2
Yeah the A5-2 joke it got tired very quickly. Yeah one of funnier parts was the guy on Matchline who hadn't got the joke about the A52 - 5-2 and started saying the best route to Derby was to get a train, but gave us great material after the Derby efforts the previous year which we will cover later. But it was original and was able to go viral quickly on twitter and suchlike. Plus, you know, the score.

3) Hello Radi Majewski
You're a new player  in the side in a new country trying to make a name for yourself early in the season. What better way than to unleash a thunderblast of a strike early on to give your side a lead against their hated rivals on a peach of a summers day? I'm sure many still love him for this (and the West Brom goal) alone, and he'll be able to dine out on it.

2) Flag-gate
The same game as above, but for me better. In part due to the hilarious immediate campaign to have Tyson carry the Olympics flag, but also just to the ridiculous fall out afterwards. Recriminations in the press and the TV, the likes of Savage babbling on. Tyson became a hero. Until he decamped to Derby in acrimonious circumstances

1) Lee Camp Saves a Penalty that Should Have Been a Goal
For me this was brilliance alone, an injury time attack, and a handball but then netted anyway, only for ref to pull it back. Penalty. Barazite steps up, Camp saves. Corner taken and then another wonder save, all from a player loathed by derby from his time there. I was in the pub loving it, I stayed out for the night, and Lewis Hamilton won the World Championship in a weird fluke too.

5 Worst

5) That Plane
This is only in the worst because it was so bad, but to celebrate their win against in 2010, Derby hired a plane to carry a banner over City ground several weeks after the game during a match day to rub it in. It's in the worst because the plane was shit. The banner was barely readable, and we won the game anyway. This stunt cost them £2k. This is the average price of a house in Derby so a big deal to them.

4) Kenco
Barry Roche had started his career promisingly. I remember him starring against Sheffield Wednesday away, and we thought we had a hot new keeper. A few slightly less quality displays and a Kenco cup later and his Forest career was over, and his name synonymous with rubbish excuses. A discarded plastic cup allegedly deflected a shot past Roche into the goal. Kenco cups are horrendously flimsy. So was this excuse. When we played Chesterfield a few years later and he was their keeper, it was funny to see the sheer number of plastic coffee cups make their way onto to pitch from the terrace behind though.

3) Kris Commons and the Pukka Pies Board
For me this is a specific mention. My friend turned to me and said he had a bad premonition about the Pukka Pies board next to the goal. Not long later Kris Commons, former Forest star, was on his knees celebrating in front of it, after Derby had turned round a 1-0 deficit after Cohen had put us ahead early on. To do this day a Pukka Pie moment is a bad premonition with Forest. And it put out the cup after the Man City heroics.

2) Horacio Carbonari
I'm going to drift slightly further back than 10 years for this one. Because this was the only time I ventured to their ground. It traumatised me so much I vowed I'm not going back. I was 17, and me and my dad had via a works contact got tickets. In the Derby end. Carbonari scored an 87th minute winner or something like that. I was surrounded by Derby fans celebrating wildly. It was horrible.

1) They Only Had 10 Men
Need they ever remind us, they won. With 10 men. We got an early penalty, their keeper got his marching orders, and we scored. Things looked rosy. Ah well. We all know what happened in the end. They won. That’s all I want to say.


  1. Interesting article but have to disagree with the sentiment regarding Raddy - I'd say most who appreciate him don't rate him for his goal-scoring, more his passing. I'm a Raddy fan, but the Derby goal was highly out of character - not what he's there for.

  2. I think we have a new contender


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