Twitter Idiots: Derby Special

Heres a little tip in life. When 2 days previously you came from 2 goals behind to win a game, you'd think you'd excercise restraint in mocking a team who have just gone 2 goals down, even more so a main rival. Even more so when a tranche of said rival fans now losing 2-0 had been ripped apart for laughing at them being 2-0 down on Twitter.

But not in these cases. Bravo idiots. Thanks for the material.

On the other hand, around half of the Tweets I saved have been since deleted by people trying to cover their tracks and so won't work. If I'd been at home I'd have screen saved them. Ah Well shame, these will have to do.

How did that work out for you? Hope you spend the winnings wisely

Yes, Lets all laugh. At us winning. Brilliant

No, that bubble is still going fine thanks

Yeah that Man of the Match award says Hi


  1. and how wrong where they lets all laugh at derby #nffc


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