Twitter Idiots - 18-01-2014

Theres been a barrage of idiocy out there since Christmas, so I decided to bring this back up to point and laugh at the idiots out there. Because frankly it's funny.

Lets go back to near the start of the year to Carlton Palmer

Yes Carlton, nice way to try and deflect your stupidity by trying to suggest whilst someone anyone is ill we shouldn't mock you for being an idiot. But you were.

Ahh Flagman, claiming we're obsessed whilst always tweeting about us. The irony

A game on ITV, at 12pm on a Sunday.. Yeah can't understand why.

The fact you fail to equate that the whole of the Championship and League One weren't after him either, but anyway yeah lets just bid on a player because he did well before but has't been able to maintain form.

One mistake ages ago and that should be reason enough to get shot of? It's more than a little harsh. Never mind the awful grammar.

Ah it's another Hannah howler

So melodramatic. Thats about todays Blackburn game by the way.

Heres another special. @seanfromenderby is such a gift for this column but this week he's been better then ever. Constantly in meltdown.


To be fair, both this pair of quotes about Wes are just weird and completely ridiculous.

Maybe he was just being emotional

No he is just a retard.

And this is just weird.


Because a cringeworthy appeal to Fawaz that begs to sign a player is going to work. Never mind Billy being in control of targets, lets have a chairman who takes advice off random people on Twitter. All mangers would love that.a