The Jack Hobbs Debacle

For the whole of January I have restrained from having my say on whats been happening with Hobbs. Following the too and fro about where his future is lying and what or wasn't the deal we had in place for the central defender was.

Until today.

Today it has all reached a head. Hobbs was recalled by Hull, as we all know by now. We also all know that last week Fawaz tweeted he had reached a deal with Hull for the defender. So something in that time has changed or gone wrong.

Here is where the conjecture starts in earnest.

On the one hand there are those who have seen this for what it potentially is. Hull have a defensive cover crisis with the James Chester injury. They have a defender very much in form who they had a right to recall from his loan as there was no permanent deal in place. They have done as much today. They are within their rights, he is their property.

Then there are those who believe there are more sinister forces at work in all of this. That Hull are forcing our hand to go for a deal now instead of all the wrangling that has been going off up till now. They want us to fork out that fee now, rather than the potential arrangements (believed to a be a fee payable once h completes his loan to avoid paying a percentage to Leicester in sell on fees.) Again they are within their rights to do so, but the waters of how morale this get a little murky.

There is also an argument to say that Hobbs stock has risen and when he negotiated with Forest on the deal it wasn't the same terms he had agreed in the summer on the longevity of the deal. Reading were willing to pay more. Hobbs therefore wanted to be paid more (and again rightly so, but then reneging on a gentleman's agreement it seems) And therefore we were not able to finalise a deal meaning he returns to Hull.

All of which must be of interest to Reading. Surely they will make a new move.,

Unless of course this was all a legit move to bring back cover for injuries, in which case it's all academic.

Whats apparent is we should have stopped wrangling and just got a deal in place, but then there's new arguments on trying to get value or just stumping large pots of cash for deals which might not be best value.

Confused? I am. It all makes sense but thinking off all the various permutations and consequences of this just addles to brain.

What is apparent is Hobbs is now no longer at present a Forest player.