Twitter Idiots: Festive Special

Its been too long since I did a round up of the stupid crap people blurt out on Twitter in the heat of the moment, or just stupidity in general from fans deluded enough to think their psychotic views speak for the rest of us, but it's been a bumper few days.

Lets start with my favourite tweets of the whole previous Christmas period. Step forward mr Joey Barton.

Not sure if you know the rules Joey, judging by the fact you were suspended and your previous track record with officials it definitely suggests you don't, but assistants flag doesn't stop play. I was told from a very young age that you play to the whistle... But hey ho, don;t let trivialities get in the way.

Like these following QPR fans who need to go and revise the offside law. Realise that we aren't cheats if the ref let it go, and basically to stop being bitter sore kids.

And I just enjoy this pre game tweet for the simple fact you look like a mug now.

Onto the Leeds game, I am trying to make sense of this tweet.

Yes we do cheer a Derbyshire goal against Leeds, because he's a Forest player scoring against you, which isn't remotely similar to a rival team scoring against you. If your going to try and look clever on word play, then I suggest you might want to rethink strategy.

Unlucky not to get a point? You what? You were poxy to get that goal. Admittedly they say weere the best team but to think a lucky late goals mean you were unlucky is laughable.

And Leeds official Twitter feed is embarassing
Harsh? Harsh? Oh behave

The Hannah Section

Yeah I'mn just going to hand over a section to the insanity she drops out.

Followed a few days later by this. And remember she stands by that opinion.


Anyway, I tried to trawl through the Leeds feed to find embarassing tweets about them deserving being level but they never had a chance to type one out. They're usually that deluded.

We hope to reprise this more next season, but the main idiotic posters have stopped Tweeting Forest stuff these days