The Transfer Windows Coming!! The Transfer Windows Coming!!

And with it come the usual round up of bizarre rumours, the more likely stuff and just other chat. As usual we aren't reporting any of this as news, but merely collating from a number of online sources and looking at its likelihood and suchlike.

The Somewhat Believable

Jordan Rhodes
Jordan Rhodes

For me it just seems this one won't go away. Are we interested? Well who wouldn't be, he's a dangerous striker, and signing him would be as strong a signal we are wanting to u as any, but the money this would involve would be a risk. Add to that if he is available, well I'd expect Premiership clubs to come sniffing around. So one hand its feasible, but I could see us being gazumped. This rumour builds into the next one so we'll see how that if Blackburn sell Rhodes it will lead to them bidding for the next player, who we are also linked with.

Nakhi Wells
Nakhi Wells
23 year old Bermudan striker for Bradford hit the headlines nationwide last year as Bradford made their way to the League Cup final. His form has also continued an upward trajectory. He has been in the goals a lot this season for the Bantams, but we aren't the only club to be rumoured to be interested. He is sought after by many Championship clubs looking at promotion (including QPR) and we could get outbid again. If Blackburn let Rhodes go it is believed Wells is their top target, and they'd have a large chunk of cash in the pocket. So it will be interested to see this all pan out even if it's not us buying.

Lee Wallace
Lee Wallace

With Cohen out till the summer at least and with Harding not impressing there are a number of left backs being linked, amongst them Rangers left back Lee Wallace. Now I am not sure what the current state of finances is at Rangers and the fact he was highly sought after when he went there and vowed to help Rangers fight their way back up the League maybe complications. On paper he is playing in Scottish lower Leagues and should be easily obtained, but this isn't as simple as that as Rangers still hold an aura and some players loyalty. That said, would be a cracking signing, but can't help think someone has thought he's good and Scottish lower leagues, i'll link him. That said it seemed to come from National Press.

Leon Clarke

Coventry striker Leon Clarke is on form this year. He's had a bit of a journeyman career up till now and at the age of 28 seems to have found his scoring boots. Or his level. I can't see the club thinking this is the solution to the problem with other younger options available, but with Coventry's ongoing financial troubles he may be obtainable, and we know what they did for McGoldricks career.

The Random Foreign Names Someone Found on Football Manager

Philipp Zulechner

Austrian striker playing for SV Grodig, he's been scoring a few for them in the Austrian Bundesliga, in which his club is the smallest team. I know nothing more about him or his team. £1.5 mill was mentioned.

Ronald Vargas
Plays for Anderlecht in Belgium after transferring from Club Brugge. Venezuelan attacking midfielder, can't see us chasing one of those with already plenty options in those roles. He'd also likely cost quite a bit. But nice try.

The Not Ever Going to Happen

Alfred Finnbogason

So when your being chased by half a dozen big European clubs because your banging them in the Eredivisie in Holland, your next big move is always going to be second division in England isn;t it? Ahead of say Newcastle, Celtic or Roma, you know clubs who can afford the suggested £12 million fee. Not ever happening.

Nikica Jelavic
Maybe could happen on loan, but Jelavic isn't going to drop from Everton to our level. Plus Everton don;t have a million options up front so might want to hold on to. Unless they bring in someone else. Plus this came from someone saying their source worked in the Ticket Office. Why do people online think the shop staff and ticket ofice staff are privy to ALL transfer goings on.