A Win, A Loss and a Draw

I’ve been somewhat lazy on the updating here lately, mixture of being more bust despite having more time and after some poor results a general indifference to bringing myself to discuss.

But when you consider the past month or so you have to think it doesn’t look too great. Drawing against Reading, and drawing against Millwall when it felt like we should have done more were rather frustrating, and even the win against Wednesday was rather underwhelming.

Reading was a game that was there for the taking, and the defeat felt like scant reward for the game. Cox though getting another goal is nice to see that the strikers are finally scoring. But that said we shouldn’t be losing. The defending didn’t feel great at times.

It feels so long ago I can barely remember the game against Reading but quickly re reading the m reports remind that we lost it in the first 20 minutes. So costly and not the first time we have looked awful in the first half and had to make changes to bring it back. At least Davies accepts he got wrong, but he’s getting wrong a lot more than he used to.

Cox and Henderson getting us back in the game felt like there would only be one winner and when Mackie hit the wood work it looked like it was going to happen, but Forest are Forest and we went down to Reading late on and it felt like a sucker punch but not completely unexpected.

The Millwall  game, well Millwall is always as a hard place to go so appoint is never to be sniffed at, but in reality we really needed to be getting back to form. We failed, but did come from behind twice and get the point, with Reid and Chalobah getting the goals. I didn’t see much or hear it as I was at a prior engagement that night, but I wasn’t totally displeased at losing.

The Wednesday game was one of the most forgettable games I think I have seen. It just wasn’t very entertaining at all, BUT it was a win. And right now we’d take that win. We were thoroughly entertained by the Reading game so a win means boredom and general mediocre football.

Cox scored again, so he is starting to show good form. Harding continues to look shaky at fullback, but as I say, it’s a win that keeps us in the top 6, and that’s where we need to be. There are fans of course still unhappy, and the form we have shown has been shaky. Had we had good form we could easily be challenging the top 2.

So all in all a mixed bag completely and utterly. You couldn’t to be honest get a more varied set, and the different games, but it perfectly sums up this season in a nice microcosm. Varied.  With positives, and glaring inadequacies, usually in defence.