Forest Crap for Sale #1 - Kingsley Black Trading Card

Yours for £1.25
In what we hope to be a barnstorming new series, and because we need stuff to fill the international break, we are looking at the generic Forest stuff you can buy on the internet, that surely only the most ardent fan would want.
I know some people who are pretty hardcore fans, but I’m not sure any of them would stretch the £1.25 it costs to buy the Subbuteo trading card of KINGSLEY BLACK. The left winger signed from Luton Town was never exactly the most popular of players. But I suppose we could all commemorate his career by buying this lovely card with him on it.
There are other better players you could get, Bart Williams, Kev Campbell, Colin Cooper, even Des Lyttle, but no. It’s Kingsley Black all the way for me.

“Issued in 1996 by Hasbro International as part of the Subbuteo Squads game. There were just over 300 player cards in the series, each card featured a colour picture of the player in question and an attacking/defending score. The back of the card was a generic design. The card is approx 90mm x 60mm. We have shown the front and back of the card you will receive (ONE CARD ONLY)”


  1. Next time you need stuff to fill a gap e-mail me on an I'll gladly do you a suitable piece - or else we'll possibly see you entertaining us by selling, well, anything...


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