Calls for the Managers Head

Billy and Fawaz Happy Together

From the outset here let me get my position straight. I don’t agree that the manager should be removed. Not by any stretch of the imagination. We are in the top 6, we are having a mere blip, and we are still in a strong position.
I may not like Billy Davies the man, and when previously here I always thought he’d end up leaving, potentially for a bigger job. But lots changed in that time. He never got that big job, and I think Billy realises there’s a good match at Forest.

I don’t agree with the media management going off, and Billy’s ongoing shenanigans in avoiding actually answering questions and having a smug air of aloofness about him. I do agree with the fact he is by far our most successful manager of the past few years and has done better than a host of other names.

So to see people on the internet discussing the removal of Davies and discussing potential replacements to me is utterly ridiculous.

The culture these days of manager sackings gets a ridiculous degree now where managers get given little time as it is, without the increased supporter pressure. I always want a manager to be given time and patience to achieve their aim. For one, it takes time to turn a team around and yes now the team and squad is nearly virtually Billy to the core and he’s had ample opportunities to mould the squad to where he wanted it.

But it gets tiring every time a club make a signing that then subsequently does well that fans immediately cry why didn’t we sign them. Yes I hark to last weeks article about everyone being an expert but it’s true. There’s one man who this is ultimately up to, and it’s not you. Unless you happen to be Billy Davies, and if so thank you for reading my ramblings.

I digress; we are not in a bad position. Hell if we were here at Easter I’d be pleased with the promise of the playoffs. Too many seemed to put all their eggs in the automatic promotion basket, but in a division with some other big spenders and with an FA Cup winner in there, you have to admit that maybe we aren’t one of the best two teams.

Now again some will suggest that this is down to the managers purchases. The funds were there. But remember we were in for big names like Charlie Austin, just competing with QPR will always be hard to match. Yes we can afford to spend cash but does mean that we should therefore just over spend for the sake of it? Of course not.

There's been a suggestion that when actually given what he wants and when he has the board on side that Billy actually just can’t do it. He relies on creating an us v them attitude, we’re against but we can succeed. Which when he has what he wants doesn’t work.

When he before Billy wanted Shorey to be signed, but we refused to stump up the cash. Now with a chairman seemingly willing to do pay what might be the cost (think what we are possibly spending on Chalobah) he can’t coax the best out of players. Maybe he used potential signings as carrots to dangle in front of what he did have to play better. Prove they didn’t need Shorey. Now he can get those guys.

But all this said. We are in the top 6. It’s not even December. To call for the managers head right now just seems ridiculous. Stability breeds success. Not chopping and changing.


  1. 3 months and still doesn't know his best team, tactics and formations never same side twice. Bought mackie his not a striker davies no clue about strikers we have a terrible strike force, if malky mckay left cardiff is sack billy asap

  2. How usual do you think it is William, for any team to play the same team twice in a row. I don't have the stats in front of me, but as someone who has helped compile a database of team selection in this league this season, as someone who has seen the continuity of sides picked, I'd hazard a guess that a manager picks the same side les than 5% of the time. Ergo, what you're saying applied to every manager in the league. And possibly the world. They ALL 'tinker' - otherwise they could pick their best 11 in August and go for a 9 month holiday.

    Yes we all agree Mackie isn't a striker - good job Billy didn't buy him as one or play him as one.

    If you want rid of Billy, you could do a lot better than these reasons!


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