Back To Winning Ways

Glorious. Quietly and insularly I had high hopes here. I had a feeling. I didn’t want to articulate it in case I cursed it but there we go. I made suggestions on Friday that this is the right type of game for Billy. He gets the best out of an underdog. The team which isn’t fancied to win, and after struggling against what some deemed lesser opposition we returned to winning ways away at not only a high flying team, but also a local (bit of a ) rival.

Goalscorer Jamie Mackie

Tweaks to the starting XI saw Jamie Paterson come in for a start any fans have been calling for online. Jara maintained his spot in the side following good displays.

David Nugent is partly to thank for his profligacy in front of goal. Missed gilt edged chances and a penalty brilliantly blazed onto the top of the bar (which in my book Drinkwater went down very easily for)

An icing on this cake was the goals for strikers. Cox netting is nice to see, he always scores v Leicester, but also Mackie weighing in with a goal too.

All very good news. But it does overlook we relied on bad finishing, but that’s football. 2-3 weeks ago we drew with Bournemouth despite battering their down with chances. These things will average out, so yeah there are days we have periods under the cosh that we go up the other end and take advantage of.

It does entertain me that that very unpredictable nature of the Championship sees us struggle against teams in the lower reaches of the division, only to then beat the high flyers. I alluded to the fact as I say this could happen the other day, and I feel justified, though I doubt I’d have felt confident enough to back it with actual real hard cash. To be fair I forgot to look up the odds on the internet.

And so we creep back up a spot, into 5th. I haven’t seen anyone suggest Billy should go in the meantime, though these views will be shelved for a while (the international break looms again)
What effect will the break have this time? It has often been a hindrance. I suggested it late last season, and recently Forest Boffin on his blog pointed it out too. However after a poor run, followed by a big win, we go into it with heads held high. The visit at Burnley could be perfect timing. For one we do well against the better teams.

So pride restored Forest fans, and both our nearest and dearest in the East Midlands have now been beaten. Bragging rights are ours, and further more the knee jerk stupid reactions of those who laughably said we’d go down have been shut up.