al-Rashidi Leaving in January

It’s been barely reported save for a few tweets from Middle Eastern based fans, but it looks like the Kuwaiti player experiment is over, putting to bed once and for all the insane garble from the likes of the Daily Mail.

Based on his tweets, and a few dodgy translates it looks roughly like he can’t finalise anything yet or formally announce but other tweeters have, that the Kuwaiti keeper will be going to Al Salmiya for around £500k.

Al-Rashidi hasn’t played for Forest and t be honest never looked like he would. More of a token signing for the Reds, he has always been down the pecking order, and when de Vries arrived in the summer to take the back up spot, he looked even more unlikely to figure.

It looks like he will remain with the club till the January window and then depart. As I say there is formal announcement by the club as yet. The supposed £500k will be nice though.

I’d say it’s a shame but I’d have no idea if it is or not...