Two Sides to Bakary Story

The Bakary Sako saga has been entertaining as it reached a close today with the new he won’t be leaving. What’s entertaining is the fall out on either side of the debate about this almost transfer.

Forest fans are aghast that a League One club is demanding such high fees for a player. This of course has its merits. It’s not like it'd be for a promising up and coming player either to embellish the fee. No he’s at his best right now. Wolves paid £3mill for him when as a Championship club entertaining notions of promotion to the Premier League, before plummeting through the Championship trap door. They apparently in the summer wanted to make a profit on him, which for me is a strange situation when they aren’t the same club with the same turnover as before. If the situation changes then surely the market rates do? Do I still think a house bought before the banking crisis is worth the same just because I think it is? No the market dictates value.

Wolves’ fans are suggesting we are stupid and mucking around and that if we really want him why not pay the price they are demanding or shut up. Which is a valid point if you just fail to ignore something called common sense.

Say I have an apple. It’ a very nice apple. Apples aren’t in season anymore and we wanted that apple at that time but decided not to pay the price for the apple. Apples have a value as does everything, and sometimes they go for more or less, but generally people what they think that apple is worth. The apple we wanted is now suddenly more expensive and they wanted an Orange in return for it too. Would you buy the apple? No. No-one would. It’s the same apple, nothing’s changed, just now they seem to think it is worth more because... well I’m not sure why.

It’s completely laughable and borderline retarded to say we clearly aren’t that rich if we are unwilling to spend a figure we deem too much for something. If you blindly just go and pay what a vendor demands for a price without first checking whether what you’re buying is worth it your stupid.

Wolves clearly think Sako is key to getting promote. And he must be if we want him, but a League One club valuing a player so highly? We aren’t poor because we refuse to pay too much for something. That’s such a stupid statement. I’m clearly poor because I’d refuse to pay £5 for a can of coke.

And now I get to frankly the most ridiculous part of this whole silly charade. Where each clubs fans start proclaiming each other’s clubs joke. Wolves fans (Wolves are in league One, that’s below the Championship) that they are better placed club for Sako and are a bigger club. That’s a kind of logic you don’t argue with, because the purveyor of it is as stupid as to not bother wasting your time on.

We aren’t blameless here of course. Forest fans have suggested Wolves are holding the player to ransom. Wolves of course don’t have to sell us Sako, as if a Premiership club came in for one of our boys (like with Guedioura) we’d cry foul of any low bids. Sako has a contract with Wolves. And if the boot was on other foot then we’d be demanding the club don’t sell. How it’d signal a lack of ambition.

Also all week when he looked like he was off Wolves fans were laughing, saying Sako is over rated and not worth that much. Now they keeping him, we were miserly and cheap and should go away and leave the best player ever to walk the earth alone.

Now I made the point that we laugh at Wolves fans saying Sako is better off there? I remember some Forest fans (and some who have claimed that comment is stupid) saying exactly the same thing when Guedioura went to Palace. What’s the difference here at the end of the day?

The problem for me is that Wolves fans are saying the player isn’t for sale, yet Wolves were clearly in negotiations with us about the right place. If he isn’t for sale then none of this would have happened. Clearly he is for sale, but bizarrely for a price that’s going up. In August he was available for around £3mill. Now it appears to be £5mill AND Jamie Paterson on loan (ha ha fucking ha) The West Midlands clearly is a hot bed for hilarity if that’s Sako’s worth. It isn’t. Not even slightly. Wolf’s board clearly thought we’d offer them the stupid money and they could run to the bank.

Sako isn’t worth that much. There are other players available for less money. The problem is will Wolves regret not taking this larger offer when they had the chance. It’s happened to us a few times, and you end meekly selling for cheaper later on.