The Ever Increasing Dumbing Down of the Post

I genuinely had to cringe today at an article that the Post put out on its website and one assumes in Print too. And increasingly so these days. Badly thought out, hobbled together and just completely ridiculously written. And worse of all I have to thank a Bournemouth fan for pointing it out to me, because it shows us in a bad light against our next opponents.

The article, admittedly not an actual journalistic one, but one of the ever increasing ly used Post bloggers, basically all but suggested Saturday is a foregone conclusion, Bournemouth are basically a pub team showing up to be beaten at a glorious magnificent stadium that will make their lowly fans cower in disbelief at the history.

It’s the kind of opinion pieces that make me cringe.

Yes we have had a wonderful history. Yes Bournemouth don’t, and yes they have smaller attendance figures than us. But to basically point out that this is as good as it gets its horrendously arrogant and utterly obnoxious.

Bournemouth has earned their chance to be in the Championship. They started the season as equals and in Eddie Howe have a good young manager. That piece suggested that seemed to be holding Burnley back. Bournemouth are on the rise.

This small time Bournemouth are in 8th place 6 points behind the Reds. Not a horrendous place to be. The making out that Howe is a failed Burnley manager though not entirely incorrect isn’t really looking at facts. Howe left there a year ago. It’s not like they immediately became world beaters after he left. He took over the Cherries after they finished mid table, and took them up. He knows what he’s doing.

Then there’s the embarrassing part where their history is described as basically being all about Harry Redknapp and that’s it. Ok, so he played a huge part and their famous victory over Manchester United, and is the reason most people will have heard of the club, but it completely smacked of someone knowing this fact about Bournemouth and completely padding a childish piece of writing about the club. The attendance thing also negates Bournemouth is a smaller town than Nottingham.

What the hell the Post think they are doing these days make me wonder. I get in this day of cost cutting that this will be seen as a cheap way to expand their product. Using bloggers to write pieces means less journalists on a retainer, the fans think they have an input and its encourages people to read as they might get published. Overall cheaper and clearly must have felt a great idea to the new operators. But just putting out any old thing that appears in their submitted list isn’t going to make people read what was once a revered source of news and debate.

This will sound somewhat bizarre from a fellow blogger though. I don’t want the Post to have that service. It’s a newspaper and its website. You expect or at least would like journalists with journalistic integrity. Ex player pieces though widely criticised at least offer a different insight. This felt more like a drawn out Facebook status that seemed like a good idea at the time. If the writer is older than 20 I’ll be amazed.

I don’t like arrogance in football fans. The idea we shouldn’t even bother having to face you, and that’s a mere triviality is silly. That isn’t what makes football, football. Anyone on any day can and does beat their opponent.

I just wish that the Post would at least consider filtering some of the more dross pieces submitted to it. Maybe it’s that bad writing that is stopping people buying their paper. It’s a new site. Not a trumped up blog site. It hardly makes you think Forest have made a bad decision by shunning the paper if it employs such cheap shoddy ways of adding content. Leave the badly written blogs to us, and stick to actual trained Journalism please.