Staff Member Has Day Off – Media Create Storm

In what is potentially one of the weirdest evolutions of the media vs. Forest war is the slight aside at the end of the Daily Mail column by Charles Sale, who seems to be developing a bit of a thing for Jim Price.

Whereas it’s all gone quiet from the Guardian, the Mail has twice in a few days mentioned Forest, both times by Sale about essentially Jim Price role. Wow, keeping up to date with the news there Daily Mail.

So whereas before they beefed out a piece by re hashing the same old stuff we know what Price is ain a position some regard as being essentially a de facto Director when he shouldn’t be, negating the fact that his job title isn’t director or anything suchlike. It’s tired and hardly new ground.

Well they have no tried to further create a storm of controversy by suggesting a member of staff Jane Carnelly, who is the Football Administrator, who essentially makes sure the club basically fit within the rules, amongst things has quit. Based on the fact the mail must have tried to contact her and was told she wasn’t at work that day.

This was spun out into another anti Jim Price thing, sort of attributing her role and suggesting Jim price is taking over, as if one by one everyone is being fired and Jim price assumes their roles. Wait till he’s in the club shop!!

Even if she has left, and why would the club cover up such a departure, then is it a problem? People change jobs; it’s not as if it’s a core job role or an integral board member jumping ship. It’s an administrator. No doubt very good at her job and respected, but to start making out there are huge ruffles at Forest based on this is ridiculous.

A club spokesman said she just wasn’t at work today, unless that guys the Iraqi Information Minister, the Mail are probably being their good old hateful selves. It’s already clear lately they don’t care too much about reality and making leaps of imagination from the whole Milliband thing.

Remember it’s the Mail who suggested that the al-Hasawis were going to employ cheap Middle Eastern players, buying players themselves and we should be worried. Nothing to see here folks.