Today came the suggestion that transfer target Bakary Sako has gone on strike after Wolves blocked his move to Forest. Some Forest fans have atken to the usual social media platforms to laugh at this, and suggest we redouble efforts to sign him.

But hang on. If one of our players did this, and at the moment Wolves are suggesting he isn’t on strike, then we’d be asking for him to be hung drawn and quartered. We’d want to the board to leave him to rot and call him a money chasing judas and all the rest. You know like everyone did with Guedioura when it turns he wanted to leave.

What it would mean is that they want a player who doesn’t honour a contract he signed. Who doesn’t deem that its worth the paoer its written on. Whats to stop them doing it again at some juncture?

Additonally it indicates a “moody” player. A player who will sulk if things not going their way. Everbody loves to hate the moody player. We’ve had a few of those in the past too, and fans get on their backs.

I find it amusing again the double standards. I explored that last week in the way we accused Wolves of greed, of holding for larger sums, whereas if we did it it would be the “right” thing to do. This week we applaud a player trying to force through a move to us. Seeing it as a player wanting to play for us. Whereas if any of our current crop did the same and went on strike no-one would support him.

I’m of the opinion that you have to honour Wolves opinion if you’re the chasing club. If they value him at x price, then you have to pay it. I don’t agree with their vlautation, and the way they keep chopping and changing their demands, BUT they won the player. Therefore you have to pay what they want. And as iI said, turn it round then we’d be the ones applauding the club for trying to maximise revenue. In this day and age thats vital.

I also lament player power taking over, whereby players can force through something like this through their own sheer bull headedness. Remember Pierre van Hooijdon? H went on strike and would anyone welcome him back? Ok his reasoning for striking isn;t the same exactly, but prinicipal is the same. A player trying to take action into his own hands and force the clubs hand into selling them. You neither want a bad apple in the bowl, nor do you want to pay them wages (even if you fine them) Sako is too valuable to them to rot in reserves when his value would just depreciate.

But we forget that when its a player at another club. Apparently to some it even shows ambition. To me it signals trouble. A player with no lyalty, and no qualms about screwing their club over to benefit themselves. Do Not Want.