Everyones an Expert

Following the last couple of subpar results, and forgetting the fact we are in the top 6 and going along quite nicely, it appears everyone this week is a better expert than the actual management on the club about what best to do.

This has varied from people deciding who is any good, what formation we should play and right down to who we should or should not sign.

This is all natural of course; this has been the same with football forever. Why else do we go, why else do programmes like MOTD exist? It’s to discuss where things go right and wrong and to assess the bigger picture. Journalists make a career of it. Ex players try their hand at punditry. We in the stands all like to think know what best to do. I welcome I applaud it and I know its part of the game.
Where it starts to get me is in the modern era of Social media. Whereas people vocalising one opinion in a wide sea of voices disappeared, there are some on these platforms who think, maybe rightly, that their voice is louder.

Whereas usually with these things you talk with your friends on these subjects you know their opinions, in the deep ocean of social media your exposed to all sorts of crack pot ideas (which I have in the past openly laughed at and mocked) Maybe it is a rich tapestry of life, but it’s when things haven’t quite gone right that it annoys me. Everyone with an opinion that is gospel.

But what really I find odd and the advent of social media has helped this is directly broaching these subjects with the stake holders. I.e. telling Fawaz in a tweet who you believe he should sign. This is frankly ridiculous. Yeah the club are going to listen to random bloke on Twitter ahead of all the scouts and staff they employ, Fawaz will go above the head of Billy and sign someone that Joe King from Hucknall thinks would be a top addition.

I’m as guilty as some at times for perhaps lambasting people I think with an opinion different from mine. People are entitled to opinions, but again where I draw the line where I think people are stopping stressing an opinion and just outright talking utter rubbish.

For instance, those people writing off the season already despite being in a perfectly good position. Of course these are the ones that are never happy. The first to defend their right to boo, or deride players, because it’s a cathartic process for many or simply because they do believe we should be doing better.

And maybe we should, but that doesn’t make you an expert. People who deride the managers decisions make me laugh, you aren’t paid to do his job. You can perhaps comment or whatnot but this guys the most successful Forest manager since Frank Clark. Thats quite a stretch of time.