Transfer Deadline Confusion

I was going to try and update the Live blog on the deadline day yesterday at 11pm with a round up. That proved impossible. I think we all know why.

And the current word is that Adlene Guedioura remains a Forest player. This morning word was confirmation was being sought.

So where are we?

Well let’s confirm that Stephen McLaughlin has gone on loan to Bristol City. That much we do know. Guy Moussi and his move to Sheffield Wednesday didn’t happen. Any of the mooted departures for the “deadwood” of Greening, Gillett, Derbyshire and Miller didn’t materialise.

Then there was Adlene. Guedioura as any Forest fan not living under a rock for the last 24 hours knows had been to Crystal palace to talk through a move. It is said that terms were struck, and that all that which entails a transfer went through, save for the actual confirmation in time. Leaving Guedioura as a Forest player.

Now for the minute details. Guedioura “requested” a transfer. That much is true, but that doesn’t mean he tried to force though the deal in a desperate attempt to leave Forest. That merely means he would waive his bonuses and pay offs and any other smaller parts of his contractual arrangement should he be sold by Forest. It basically could have sped things up.

Does this mean Guedi wants out? Well, I’m certain the prospect of Premiership football and one assumes a pay increase appealed to Guedioura. He is 28. He is not getting younger. There is no guarantee we would go up. So he may see this as a last chance to “make it” at the top flight. And even more so in a World Cup year. Not that Algeria are there for sure, not that his place is under threat, he starts for Algeria, but it all adds up in a footballers mind. If he’s succeeding at the top level then his place would be assured. Should Algeria come through the remainder of their qualifying programme he will have a chance to shine in Brazil in a year’s time? Paying in the Premier League would not hinder his chances.

Guedioura as much as he loves Forest, and I think he genuinely does love our fans, wants to play at the top level as said, I am certain that pretty much any of our other players in the same situation would go through the same thought process. A year of Championship football with a good chance of Premiership football, or a move now with guaranteed Premiership football and higher wages. Furthermore the arguments that Palace are definitely down and in a year’s time the roles reverse argument isn’t as great as the kids (and its mainly kids) making it think. If you went there, and excelled and starred, and then Palace are relegated, but you proved yourself, then you’d score a move. Like Charlie Adam with Blackpool, Andros Townsend proved to Spurs he has what it takes despite being in a relegated side, and Taarabt scored a Premiership move too. Just because the sides relegated doesn’t mean they may stay. It’s a chance to prove yourself.

Additionally some people were criticsing Fawaz and Billy for selling a fans favourite, but I heard fee's in excess of £2.5mill suggested. If a club offers above what you believe a players value is, I'm sorry but you snap their hands off.

So for these reasons I won’t lambast Guedi. I won’t criticise. Yes he may have sought to move, but if he agitated for it (and the suggestion is he didn’t) then I’d think Ok, move him on. But an offer was made, it was put to him does he want to negotiate and he did. It just didn’t work out in time. I won’t boo him. I’ll still cheer his role with the team, and neither would I see him rot in the reserves. The territorialism of this makes me laugh, that the fact he entertained a notion of leaving Forest people think he is a Judas. Yet how many of these people have thought of moving up the career ladders. It bothers me with Football fans this idea that you can’t play for anyone else.
But, if, and it’s still if for me, Guedioura is a Forest player. Then support him. Don’t get on his back as then you give him a reason to leave, and ruins what’s been a beautiful relationship. I support anyone wearing the shirt, hell I’d even get behind Commons back in a Forest shirt. It’s the team that matters. Not the individual.