The Loan Window Is Open....

And already there’s been a whole host of names chucked out there as potential signings from the ridiculous to the... well frankly less ridiculous.

Starting at the less ridiculous scale is Nathaniel Chalobah, of Chelsea and famously played on loan at Watford last year, often making a starring role. It is said by some on Twitter, and maybe I’m making that horrendous error of blindly believing people on Twitter, that he and Lansbury are good mates, which might help oil the cogs of this move. He would be the man for the now infamous DM role that might soon become the new left back hoodoo slot for Forest.

Also linked in that role is Lee Cattermole, though was by a source so completely unreliable as to instantly ignore it. For one he is injured, and furthermore is not the type of DM player Billy prefers. If he wants that battling busting player, we have Moussi, no the guy he wants needs to be able to play. Cattermole plays football so agricultural that he’d better turning up at Southwell for its annual ploughing contests.

Matty Fryatt is also getting linked again, this is believable, we want that striker and we were believed to be getting close on Deadline day. This is a distinct possibility, despite many fans protestations.

Owen Garvan has had his name chucked into a ring based entirely on the fact he was cut from Crystal Palace 25 man squad, somewhat ironically at the arrival of Guedioura. Whether this is someone merely adding up 2 and 2 and coming up with some random answer, or whether there’s anything to it, I have no idea. For one I’m not even sure what type of player he is, and whether he’d be able to take that deeper role, as the rest of the midfield is already secure.

Steven Dobbie, again like Garvan is out of the 25, and for the simple fact he gets promoted, people want him in, and to be honest, it’s as good a criteria as anything else, the record speaks for itself!!