5 Things We Learnt This Summer

1. The Chris Gunter money goes a long way
the old fallacy that all the money that the al-Hasawi’s were using was simply the remnants of the Chris Gunter loan money and a lot of creative accounting seems to have finally been smashed. This summer we made largely actual signings, and the one long term is a means to an end on a permanent deal, but avoiding paying a fee.

2. Players are not always honest
A little bit harsh as Guedioura wasn’t ever really lying, as no-on ever asked the question, but after all the palaver about #nffcfamily and how he loves Forest the first sign of a Premiership club sniffing round him and he was in his car faster than you can say, well, Guedioura. So for me all the love he proffered feels a little cheapened, but I’ll still always have a high regard, at least he went for a higher level of football and not a sideways move.

3. Billy Davies is as cantankerous as ever
And that’s not a criticism by any stretch, but his time off hasn’t dimmed his ways. The media blackout, though maybe not solely his call, must have had his say in there somewhere, his recent reprimand by the FA for confronting the ref post Wigan match. These things point to the fact he is still a fiery little bugger.

4. Transfer Window Closures Under the al-Hasawi's are Eventful.
If it’s not George Boyd and his eyes, it will he won’t he Guedioura transfers and the 3 offers in place for people. In the past Forest fans could put their feet up on deadline day and rest at the rest of football as they all scrambled, in the knowledge we’d be doing no business, nor would we look like it. At least now when we do no business it’s dramatic and gets us talking.

5. If all else fails, sponsor yourself.
An ingenious approach to life by Fawaz after not getting sponsorship in the summer was simply deciding that he’d put his own Air Conditioning company on the front of the shirt. A company so well known and loved that before the announcement, its Facebook page had 200 odd likes. Hardly a super power of business. It is admittedly only up to 343 likes on Facebook, but that’s an increase in Facebook traffic of nearly 60%. So imagine for the corporate website! Fawaz is clearly a genius, rather than simply using a means to get round FFP by using his own company to sponsor his own football team.