The Ongoing Media Feud Escalates

Radio Nottingham, after nearly not getting their coverage renewed have this morning turned their course and fired shots at Forest. An “investigative” piece into Jim price, the General manager f the club, it merely seems to have inflamed opinions and annoyed people.

The timing I find to be ridiculous. The club have started well, so spirits are high, the station just agreed a new deal, and would you’d hope try and build some bridges. But no, it seems now their feet are back under the table they can start doing as they please.

Already pretty much shunned by the club save for matchday coverage, it just seems to be the last vestiges of respect between station and cub will have been used up now, in a piece going out earlier on today. One has to question what the motives are.

Anyone who has ever Googled Jim price could easily find out what about what happened at Ross Brown. The Law firm from Glasgow where he was a Senior Partner was forcibly closed by the Scottish Law Society (essentially) for financial irregularities. The accounts didn’t match up with the legal aid it had received basically.

Now Radio Nottingham have decided to rake this muck up for no other reason than the shunning of the radio seems to come from a similar time to Price’s arrival at the club. We all remember Billy bringing up his lawyer all the time in Radio Nottingham interviews, well that’s Jim Price.

So now the Radio feel the need to question his role and who he is, forgetting that many many people have shadier pasts in football, and ones that aren’t always Google-able. It’s not as if Forest haven’t had their fair share in the past, Wray and Scholar and all that went on then, Maurice Rowarth and his offences. Hell just a months ago there was a high level clear out at Forest, that is allegedly to do with embezzlement and financial mishandling of the clubs former employees. No-one ever questioned that, because I guess they were on Radio Nottinghams side, they weren’t throwing up barriers to them, or forcing their hand commercially.

But because Price has, Radio Nottingham feel a need to do this piece, which is also extremely notable in its timing. As if it’d been prepared for a while but held off till the ink dried on the contract. The fact they précis it by saying many fans have questioned his role, which I have only ever seen a few people do, and in passing, not to do Panorama-lite and claim to be all investigative, whilst probably all from the comfort of a desk with Google open.

I just read a blog piece that kind of implies its not all Ross Browns fault anyway, not they weren’t without guilt, just that they were a prominent fish to catch in a pond of many. As I say I’m not saying all is above board, it’s just that the BBC hwere seem to be trying to claw attention and expose someone who doesn’t need exposing just because they don’t happen to get along.

What will be apparent is that media – club relations will suffer again. There have been plenty of other fall outs (Rob Dorsett) so you potentially see why they are starting to cherry pick the journalists they do like and give them the stories, rather than see people with axes to grind report negative stories. It’s no worse than many other big businesses would do. I don’t want to blindly defend the club, and regular readers will know I question plenty of what goes on there, but this time it just seems a desperate ploy by the BBC to point score.

It makes you just want to bang their heads together and tell them just kiss and make up, but I feel we are far beyond that. As long as the current regime stays in place, relations won’t mend. The club will just boycott any Radio Nottingham contact and that ultimately shoots the Radio in the foot.

The result is now many fans see Radio Nottingham as trying to rock the boat for the sake of a gripe, and it’s angered many. If this all because of a childish gripe then its ridiculous. We should be talking about the great start the clubs made (as I did Monday) instead of this pointless petty squabble.