Welcome Jamie Paterson

I’ll open this piece by admitting I next to nothing about this guy, most on Twitter seem to think they are already experts on him, which they have Youtube to thank for. What I have read and what people who seem to know what they are on about have said though excites me. He exactly the sort of player we need.

New Signing Paterson playing for Walsall
A young up and coming hungry player, and a winger to boot. This is exactly what we need, and continue to need and I’ll write more on this later. But he seems to be an exciting talent.

What is most promising is we beat off a host of other clubs supposedly to land his signature. Middlesbrough were also heavily linked amongst a number of Championship clubs. This means not only are an appealing prospect, but also that we are able to compete financially with supposedly big hitters.

Furthermore maybe it signifies a change in focus on where we recruit from, previously looking at Premiership reserves, to looking at players on the rise with a lot to prove. Even if that means there is a raft of fans who complain they never heard of him and aren’t happy because they seem to think we should only sign big named players

The fee is undisclosed. It was believed to be somewhere in the £500k to £1mill bracket depending on who you believe and what’s paid up front and what exists in add ons.