This Weeks Twitter Stupidity

Its actually two weeks of stupidty as I've been on other articles rather than focus on this. But here we go.

In a short section focussing on one of my favourite nutjobs who have such weird extreme views on Forest is @antreas_x.

because a club panics when it has no sponsor meaning it has no cash,or rather they are secure and waiting for a good offer (or indeed just Fawaz himself) Last year we took a quick offer because we were skint. And i also appreciate the suggestion we have no away kit is because we are skint.. Not sure how you work out that.

This was Gary Hooper based, I kept it though because apparently the Champions League isn't competative.

It'd either mean no midfield or no defence. So no thanks

Because we choose to do business slowly, rather than rushing in with huge offers, or maybe agents holding it up, the selling club, the player,we don;t know, so just blindly accuse the club.

My favourite part of the always ridiculous Hannah's tweet,is that 2 days after claiming she had no idea who Mackie was she blogged this... where no she is an expert on where we will use and how...

Sarx is genuinely the stupidest man on Twitter. Twatstick mentioned the 4 year plan, in relation to a QPR film,and even explained this. Sarx doesn;t understand anything