The Window is Open and It's the Same Old Madness

Every year now since the transfer window we seem to getting whipped up into a frenzy of excitement of having to assemble as good a squad together in 2 months as is humanly possible before August 31st. Forgetting of course that usually it only gets exciting in the last few days.

Now people suggest we should try and sort it sooner, to assemble a crack squad early and let them gel in training, but that’s living in some kind of utopian dream world and forgets how much of this works.

Clubs (and for that matter free agents) will be holding out for as good a deal as they can early on. As the drastic realisation that the window is about to shut looms, then those terms for a deal will be reduced. It’s like buying anything. When you rush out straight away, you pay a premium, if you bide your time, bargains can be had, and yeah your first choice may have gone already, but what’s out there is still good enough.

MyOnlyForest blog just did a wonderful piece where they round up how some fans (usually the highly excitable or just young and stupid) demand millions be spent straight away. Fans dementedly tweeting Fawaz he should sign this and that player (ignoring that surely you’d want Billy to be choosing signings rather than Fawaz cherry picking randomly tweeted suggestions) and then getting upset that their killer tip (taken from Football Manager) hasn’t been signed.

The madness that develops when another club signs a player we saw as a target and the anger that we must not be offering enough which means a) we haven money!! Or b) that player is greedy!! Rather than the simplicity we put one value on him, and another club just valued him more or were simply more desperate. This madness is only rivalled by when an ex player who is any good becomes available, and we all go nuts that they weren’t snapped up.

My favourite facet of a transfer rumour is when a player is linked, someone finds said players Twitter account and tweets him asking if it’s true he is signing for the club. Yes of course he will give everything away to some random 15 year old kid that he is indeed spurning signing for one club for Forest instead. The very fact is continues to happens baffles me.

When we do sign someone, people then moan they don’t think he’s good enough. This happens all too often. Never mind the fact that there is a whole history of players not succeeding or doing well at one club moving to another and flourishing. Plus also again as MyOnlyForest pointed out people seem to think only players from the Premier League are worth signing, and a young upcoming kid from down the league isn’t worth even looking at. (Which ignores some of our best recent deals, Chris Cohen, Garath McLeary, Luke Chambers, etc)

So the madness truly begins today. There’s been some names bandied about which just seem ridiculous. If we did sign them, it’s a statement of intent, but at the end of the day splurging a lot of money on players isn’t a guarantee of success. Just ask Leicester. And it took Cardiff years of trying this to finally succeed.

No, building steadily, being patient and targeting the right players for the team is the solution. Not randomly chasing every half decent player who becomes available. That approach achieves nothing other than an overpriced unbalanced squad. Which is what McClaren tried. See how that worked for us?