The Top 10 Reasons why Djebbour Deal Collapsed

We all know the official line. He refused to take a medical. And maybe, just maybe it’s the truth. But that hasn’t stopped numerous tweeters, Facebook pages and forums from wildly speculating on a “real” reason.
By the way, I don’t believe any of this, I just thought it interesting to collate.

Rafik Djebbour

1. Forest tried to offer reduced wages
Forest have form apparently for this under the previous regime, with the infamous Mark Arthur and Wayne Routledge rumour. But this is one rumour doing the rounds, one of the stronger ones being retweeted. It’s feasible I guess, but sounds convenient.

2. Djebbour didn’t want to take medical as he knew he’d fail (1)
Apparently he knew he’d fail a strenuous medical. Quite how the hell anyone knows this beyond me. Someone cited previous knee injuries. Sounds bollocks.

3. Djebbour didn’t want to take medical as he knew he’d fail (2)
Apart from this being highly libellous I’m not saying this is true, merely relaying retardedness. It’s been claimed he’d fail because in almost a Rio style, he knew any sample would come up as negative drugs wise. Pure conjecture.

4. Something vague to do with Ramadan
He’s Muslim, Fawaz is Muslim. Must be something Muslim right? And Ramadan just started!!! That’s where this guys understanding of anything ends. (This guy is always off the scale stupid on Twitter, but I’ll protect him on this one)

5. Forest Backed Out
Like the George Boyd, we got itchy feet and pulled out at last minute citing something vague like this as excuse.

6. Djebbour got a better offer so refused to finish medical knowing it would collapse deal
Probably a winner. The word is thanks to all the Twitter blather other clubs got wind so contacted his agent with an offer gazumping us and sending Raffik on his way.

7. Broadmarsh Centre put him off
Purely in jest but the Broadmarsh is a shit-hole and it could scare someone off. Well its clearly not true, but slightly funny.

8. The Eyes, The Eyes
People can't resists a 20/20jibe can they, basically the old Boyd excuse rehashed.

9. He was never going to sign and used as leverage
In an attempt to lure other clubs out of the woodwork he stalled and took time on the medical, in almost the way Blackadder tried to stall the firing squad

10. There never was a deal
In the weirdest suggestion of the day it was suggested there was never a deal, he was never there and this is all rubbish. This also isn’t Dallas, and this wasn’t all a dream.