The Incessant Chase of Wes Morgan

Forest seem quite intent on purchasing Wes Morgan from Leicester City, with the various offers we have made. It was previously rumoured this week that he had put in a transfer request, but anyone monitoring the internet this week will have seen an influx of fake persona’s claiming to have club connections.

Wes in his Forest days

Morgan’s signing; primarily about playing reasons has wider reasons too. For one it’s righting what many see as a wrong. Morgan left because we were in trouble, his contract was up, and having been the longest serving stalwart and lynchpin was unhappy new players had been bought in on triple his wages. We looked doomed.

Things have changed. We look a better prospect now, more secure, not struggling in the League, and with Billy Davies back at the helm.

So maybe things are right for the return of Wes. The thing is it would also represent something of a coup. Not only is he a local rival’s club captain, but a promotion chasing ambitious local rival. That and the club legend element make this something more than a central defence signing.

Now, we signed Jack Hobbs last night, it might cool our interest. Every player has his price, true, but every club has its limit, and sometimes you just have to admit a deal isn’t worth it. We supposedly offered £2mill for Wes, and have balked at going higher. The thing is he apparently has a year left on his deal and it might be prudent of Leicester to get a decent fee whilst they can, exactly like we did when we sold him to them.

If Morgan wants to come all the better. But where would this leave Collins, and more importantly for me Lascelles. It would put them further down the pecking order, which is Collins case, fair enough, he’s been here a year, he occasionally struggled. But Lascelles has often been touted as the future. When will that be realised? If he keeps being benched or even forgotten what’s to keep him here? We might lose a great prospect because of immediate gains over weighing a long term plan. Don’t get me wrong I understand the reasons, just wonder where it leaves us.

If Wes does come back, well, welcome back, but remember that he was occasionally error prone. Megson nearly finished Wes, under him he made errors. That part of his game was never eradicated but was improved. So we really pay over the odds for a player that yes is good, but is he worth as much as that. We could put that cash elsewhere.

Even so, the pursuit of him is interesting. When the al-Hasawi's took over I said a good move would be bringing in an old legend, and they did with Jenas. That tactic seems to be continuing with Wes.