Stupid Stuff Posted This Week on Twitter

As part of anew series I will be featuring some of the more retarded tweets you may have missed for your enjoyment. Please sit bask in the relative stupidity.

Yes, because McGugan departing for free and being replaced by someone costing a million means they have no money. Plus also McGugan was highly inconsistent. Yes in his day one of the best, but when he was poor awful. Nice try though. Think you'll be appearing every week.

This ones not so much stupid as just ill thought

and how's that team going to work then? 3 strikers? Bizarre

This is pure stupidity. On their very first tweet

bravo. Well done on getting the team your supposedly representing right. Oh wait you didn;t.

The next one make me laugh at its naivity

Yes because only the player edits his "wikopedia"  and not any old person who can because thats what Wiki is.

Good old fashioned delusion

Yes why would you choose a team in Europe, recently in the Premier League with parachute money to burn over us really?

Thats just a sample folks. I will be watching more intently now


  1. Love your blog! Spot on! What do you think of Djebbour rumours?


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