New Stupid Stuff Off Twitter This Week

I'm constantly noticing more and more ridiculous statements with the #nffc attached to it. Now in the last few days since the last episode (is this an episode?) The Mongbrush, now the Twatstick after some people told him to be less offensive has also been doing sterling work exposing idiots. But now, it's encouraging people, in the way that an ASBO is a badge of honour. Well here's this weeks examples of idiocy.

 Yeah, by the way Halford, is one year younger than Morgan. That extra year must give all the confidence....  

Not only is this nonsensical drivel it also belies understanding anything that was happening at the time. It also makes out we could easily have found a buyer for Miller (we haven't yet) and that Morgan would have stayed (he was out of contract we'd have lost him for nothing) Just think a little bit more and you might succeed.  

Then wait till the squad numbers are announced....  

You are already connected to the net, so why not step away from Twitter and I dunno, try searching. This is just something I hate on Twitter. People seeing something and asking who they are when they are literally connected to the net and the plethora of knowledge out there.  

Every player ever from Olympiakos can be based on Matt Derbyshire. Every single one ever.   

Oh Sarx. The gift that keeps giving


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