Kenny Burns Should Shut the Hell Up

Ok, so he was a vital part of the machine that took this club to its greatest glories. That much I accept, but the ridiculous rent- a-quote that Kenny Burns, and also Garry Birtles have become just gets annoying. They of course have a view on everything, and yeah I know their business is to sell papers, or get hits on the Posts website, and therefore they adopt strong stances but sometimes I just think "Enough!"

Burns - possibly blathering

Burns has come out and said he was shocked that Miller played, and scored in the weekend’s friendly v Hibernian. Well seeing as Miller is registered with Forest, costs us a lot of money and based on his past career elsewhere isn’t all as bad as people like to think, I’m not shocked at all. In fact Miller played in a few friendlies last summer too.

What bothers me is the need of Burns and Birtles to pass judgement in this way. Maybe it’s how it was edited, but the sentiment is there, where you have an ex pro at the club passing judgement and calling someone’s presence into question. I’ve come round to the way of thinking the perhaps Miller has some kind of role to play yet. I may be wrong. But I think it would also be very foolish of Billy to let these guys go without at least taking a look.

Miller and Derbyshire were both given those chances, and both appeared to be trying to least take the opportunity to prove they aren’t has been's (or never were’s) had they not done so then yes, write them by all means. But Miller has at least put himself out there and scored, now whether that is to put him in the Forest pecking order, or whether it be to put himself in the shop window isn’t clear, but by all means use this potential weapon.

How must he think, after scoring in a game, that Kenny Burns was shocked he ever played, despite being possibly the top earner in the squad and having commanded 7 figure transfer fee’s two years ago. Miller never really got a fair crack of the whip. He was lumped alongside all other McClaren signings as wasteful and consigned to the back of our minds.

Birtles and Burns have increasingly frustrated a lot of level headed fans. Being asked their view on everything and always coming out with near gibberish. Birtles makes it worse with his work for Sky, whereby you know that he talks twaddle as well as types it before the editor.

Also Burns doesn’t always think before he speaks. I may be wrong, and I don’t know this for sure, as it’s what I heard, but was he not sacked by the club as being a post match speaker after being very critical of the regime running it at the time (Nigel Doughty) this really being biting the hand that feeds you, so he has form on stupid remarks

I know you get outspoken ex players at every club who get asked their view on every matter under the sun, but I am firmly of an opinion that if it’s something that could have a detrimental effect, then if they really do love the club, then shut your traps. What you say might well have negative results, which no doubt you’ll revel in as you get to get phoned up even more for your views on whatever is occurring. It was a bloody friendly!! Why not experiment with these guys and see how they look? There’s nothing at stake.


  1. Miller will play a big part this season agreed -Billy will like him and be able to motivate him.

    It does seem like KB was having a pop, but everything seems so extreme in black and white - communication is about more than the words used and, on the internet especially, things tend to sound extreme.

    As an aside, if you don't really know why the guy was sacked, as you admit above, you shouldn't really be commenting on it. You need evidence to form a credible opinion.

    As you say though, KB was most likely asked his opinions on what has been occurring this week and someone else has written the article, or at least edited it.

    I like your irate articles though.


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