How the Sponsorship Deal Could Have Wider Ramifications

This is largely based on a bit of rumour and intrigue, and the fact that we don’t have a sponsor for the shirt yet. The gossip, and that’s gossip founded on good reliable sources on Twitter rather any #itk account which, if you have to specify and say you’re in the know, probably means you’re not, but according to these usually Kuwaiti sources there is a major stumbling block for the hopes of selling the shirts.

Fawaz would like to get a large Kuwaiti deal on side, deeming that this could be lucrative than what you’d get paid in the UK. This could have one or two ramifications, which when you look deeper and wider could have potential commercial and playing aspects to the deal.

A lot of that as I say in conjecture, a bit of guesswork, but still worthwhile maybe sketching out what might be play. I freely admit this is by no means correct. However it is also completely feasible.
Any Kuwaiti deal however would rely on securing rights to every Forest game in Kuwait, beaming live to their domestic broadcasters. Rightly, in a commercial aspect, and future commercial partner would want maximum visibility for the brand / product, and wouldn’t want to invest cash in something that would be seldom seen in their market. It’d be like Boots sponsoring a Kuwaiti team otherwise, largely pointless.
Now, That’s all well and good, but in an attempt to make this deal more palatable to big time cash, could it jeopardise things like the playing staff. I.e. would it mean Khalid al-Rashidi getting increased exposure, or more likelihood f trying for Bader al-Motawa again. Because either of those in a Forest shirt is going to have greater appeal to Kuwaiti audiences than Henri Lansbury or Simon Cox. Would there be a pressure to play commercially viable players for revenue? Again we don’t know. I couldn’t see Billy agreeing to that though, but it happens. Think of the potential shirt sales in Kuwait!!

And thus taking that idea further would it mean an effect on crowds. Let me put it like this. If the games were shown in Kuwait, that would no doubt then be streamed. If fans knew a reliable stream was always going to be there, that would surely see some more fringe fans stay away from games, or not make long Tuesday night trips to some hell hole.

The core subject wouldn’t waver, but there is a floating band of fans who you feel would just in tune into the stream every week and save on the increasingly expensive match day experience,
Ergo you have potentially hit on match day revenue. Which makes a very difficult standoff? Make no mistake, if they do have any business acumen or business savvy, this will have been considered from the get goes. So any sponsorship revenue may have to offset this cash flow too.

Now maybe this is a flights of fancy, but it all make sense in a joined up linear way. These aren’t silo ideas standing alone, but there are zero guarantees any of these dominoes would fall in order for all to happen. Just something to potentially consider when you wonder why negotiations on a sponsor are drawn out.

If of course the sponsor turns out to be something else, all of this is largely instantly thrown out.