So What Will This Season Be Remembered For?

Yes we came so close, but at the end of the day when in future times you look back it’s been pretty much run of the mill in some regards, and yet at the same time has seen more turmoil than we’ve ever known. Those crazy days of January and February and everything that went with seem like a distant memory, almost like a past event you’re not sure was actually real or you just dreamt it.

For all the fact we remain where we were, in the Championship, and that we have done a 2 year full circle back to Billy Davies being in charge, it feels like same old same old, whereas so much has happened.
The playing squad was revolutionised. The first XI now compared to a year ago bears a striking difference save for 2-3 names. A new chairman, a returning manager and back room, but everything else at the club is different.

Remember when the bloke from Sky, Rob Dorsett told us we were all doomed with the al-Hasawi’s. That because we’d sacked his mates, we clearly had idiots running the club, rather than people having taken stock of how things were going were clearly unhappy. Remember that? Because a few of you lapped it up and agreed. I had a twitter argument with one clown convinced we were for the drop. I bet that guy would now disclaim all knowledge of any such conversation, such is the way of trolling idiots on Twitter.

Again certain other websites who simply court controversy for hits are attempting to wobble the boat (let's face it, none of these blog sites or fans sites are completing amazing investigative journalism, nor are we causing great ripples with our damming views) by demanding to know the truth of Billy’s Advisor Jim Price being made the CEO, a role vacant since Mark Arthurs departure. Again a big change, but if it’s someone Billy works well with in that role, and as long as he’s competent, why does it matter? We all know it’s a token position as Fawaz pulls the stings round here.

And it’s some of Fawaz details that we might remember most. The fact we were promised iconic managers and were delivered O’Driscoll. The massive signing in January, and being deliver (though competant and capable, not a huge name) in Gonzalo Reyes Jara. The detractors love these throwaway quotes, often mis translated or Fawaz not realising that fans pick up on every word and use them against you when things don’t go swimmingly. That’s before we get to the whole George Boyd situation, which though embarrassing and potentially damaging to the reputation of the club did mean we got rid of Alex McLeish.

You almost forget he was here for that brief tenure. But yes, I just rechecked that I didn’t have a month long nightmare and that he was indeed our manager for a short while. In fact I almost forget, and more because that’s the nature of a football fan, and having a fairly short memory, the anger and dismay I felt on Boxing Day when we sacked Sean O’Driscoll.

There were the embarrassing stories surrounding declined credit cards and late wages to players that forced a few to question if these guys for real, which ultimately led to TV shots of Fawaz walking down a row of cars with Natalie Jackson telling us how much they all cost, in an attempt by a bloke in Kuwait trying to prove he was wealthy to some bloke watching in say Ilkeston. In all the periods of insanity at this club over the winter. It caused some compare them to the Venky's but other than being owned by a foreign family there the similarity seems to end. I hope so anyway.

Seasons are often judged and remembered by the Derby games, and the one at Pride Park was in that strange McLeish period. This is a season where the local games didn’t go well and that will be remembered. Especially with how the last game of the season went. And its that sense of so close yet so far away I’ll remember. This team was nearly there. They clearly never were good enough, and the table shows that, but we weren’t far away.

So what do you think? What will you remember this season for? You can tell us on the forum, on or the Facebook page.The forum is in the following link  The Forum