Sing When We're Moaning

I have often commented that the average Forest fan online only seems to be happy when he has something to moan about. This makes the life of a Forest blogger easy, as we either take sides or deride those moaning, all for easy hits.

But this week’s announcement of the biggest non story to hit Trentside since Wesley Verhoek didn’t sign, we announced that we are now not moving away fans after Forest fans asked the club not to. This is after the club announced they were moving away fans because the club asked them to do so. Confusing? Yes. Ridiculous? Even more so.

I did accuse a number of Bridgford Stand residents of a form of Nimbyism previously. Happy to see away fans moved but not if it’s in their back yard. Now it seems they will get their way and some other part of the stadium will perhaps be looked at to move the away contingent to.

This is all out of nothing. None of this needed to happen. We could quite easily have done nothing. But this is Forest. Why have a quiet peaceful time during a summer when you do something to pointlessly rile people.

So what now? Some of have said that they could go in the often left empty blocks in the Brian Clough upper and lower tiers, neatly forgetting a very basic element of not having enough exits. There is no way I can see away fans being put into the BC upper without some kind of remediation work that would see pointless costs attributed to the club to keep Mr Blogges of Upper Bridgford Tier happy.

The lower tier has catered to away fans previously, when in league e One with tiny allocations and when we renovated the Trent End. Some have said just give away fans that small section anyway forgetting that a large away following can mean extra revenue. It’s not like we sell out the City ground every week is it?

So now we have had the embarrassing escapade where fans are already moaning before the players have unpacked their suitcases after holidays. People are accusing the cub of not knowing what it’s doing, and yes I think they may have rushed this through, but this is what happens when you try to please a Forest fan. A different Forest fan moans. Now that’s life, different people like different things, but the moment you start to appease the vocal minorities, all you ended up doing is agitating and annoying the silent majority. And it is a majority. I don’t think the larger number of fans were contacting Fawaz to say shift the fans. Though he does get his fair share of embarrassingly misguided tweets sent to him. I do think Fawaz reacted to what people suggested, and that Billy wanted it to appease fans, and to make a happy stadium, and he is learning that this simply doesn’t work.

I’ve often spoken of a guy who sits near me who is never happy, if we win 5-0 he’ll be unhappy we didn’t’ get 6. There will be guys like him all around the ground, sitting moaning, being able to vent the frustrations they have in their lives at the ground as just another voice in the cacophony. These are the ones probably contact Fawaz with their “What’s wrong with Forest this week” lists. And so this new regime looks like it has set out to listen to the crazies. Now they know they are being listened to it might get more outlandish. Remember we had a previous regime that was fairly stand offish. Didn’t get overly involved, and now we swerved the other way, there might be more similar incidents.

But yeah in a nutshell, it just seems that people just love moaning. The latest wave seeing people moaning at the people moaning. This is all getting a bit Inception now on the moaning. Maybe this is a moan about moaning, about moaning. We’re in deep now people.

Roll on the pre season and making signings to take people’s minds off it. (Though people are moaning at lack of signings)

Moan Over.