FFP And Moving Forward

Next season will be harder to achieve the aims of promotion. You cannot just throw money at the issue anymore. On that same counter hand, if you have a good manager and Billy Davies has shown he is more than capable then surely its good a chance as any. Because no-one can splash the cash you won’t get a few cash rich clubs chucking money around to try and get up.
That said it makes it harder as it involves financial income and spending x% of it. Clubs who are coming down from the Premier League will have parachute payments.It does make you wonder what QPR and all their extremely high waged players will do.

What you have to consider as part of this is that Ishmael Miller and Matt Derbyshire have quite excessive wages we are about to lumbered with. As it stands now they aren’t on our pay roll, their loan clubs taking that burden on, so that’s best part of £30k a week in wages being swallowed up. That’s a sizeable chunk of the financial leeway taken up.

It is surprising how many Premiership squad fillers are on wages big enough to make us baulk, and apparently Gonzalo Jara Reyes is included. Face it he’s an international player with a reputable nation in the top flight, of course his wages will be artificially inflated. I laugh when people reckon these players would come to us “for footballing reasons” no no, it’ll all be about wages.

That said, there might be a cooling on excessive championship wages, but that will just mean less players willing to step down from the Premiership, and therefore an even weaker Championship.

There are the loop holes of course that many mention. How about naming rights, sponsorship deals and suchlike. Yes there have been huge deals for some club. Manchester City tried circumnavigating rules with the impressive £100 mill deal for naming rights of their stadium by Etihad Airways. Coincidentally the ownership structure at both Etihad and City include the same big hitters. What is weirder is that that said airline as never turned in a profit in the 10-12 years it functioned before the deal, so how it afford that deal? Naturally very rich people with more money than sense. But that deal immediately flagged up this potential not just to clubs, but to the rules makers. It is said that there will be panels appraising any deals to see that they are market value and not skewed by club owners basically sponsoring the club vast sums to pump in cash. So no, I doubt we’ll see the al-Hasawi Kuwaiti Refrigeration Corp. sponsoring Forest. That Etihad deal will also potentially get round the rules by being for a vast complex of facilities as well the Stadium. Something we wouldn’t be able to explore, unless the extremely vague rumours of Fawaz targeting land on the other side of the River for development purposes.

These huge sponsorship opportunities are only open to huge clubs, but if we want the best and want to squeeze every penny to maximise our financial might then extra shirt sponsorship (above the names on the back) and Corporate branding of stands may be the next call. We are sadly limited in our earning scope. We don’t have a state of the art stadium to pimp out to various concerts or other sports to use for their own means for our financial gains. Yes, we did it before, but that was close to 10 years ago, and a lot more high spec stadiums exist now.

Now, we can’t try to find loop holes, although it’s clever, it’s also fraught with possibilities of retrospective action. Instead of fans suggesting this and that method to avoid paying that requisite % on wages, or trying to artificially inflate it, let’s just collate a talented fairly paid set of players. So let’s trawl lesser divisions and leagues for players to bring in, rather than Premiership squad members on way too much money.
Yes other clubs have flaunted rules before. Leicester with their administration to avoid paying full amounts of balances owed (and some clubs, I don’t know if Leicester did this too, but some avoided paying Charitable or Volunteer groups such as the St John’s Ambulance which I find deplorable)
So wastes of space in the squad really need to be shifted on and sharpish. But if you are Ishmael Miller why would you be expected to do your job elsewhere for less because of a new regime not liking the deals of a contract you signed and was agreed on? I love this argument fans have “oh he’s greedy because he wants to sit here and take money when he could go elsewhere” but no-one in their right mind would accept less money to do a similar job when they don’t have to.

What happens remains to be seen. There could be wholesale changes again, but that said a few teaks here or there could see this squad good enough.


  1. im pretty sure Boro are paying very little of Millers wages tbf


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