Could We Be About to Sign a Winger?

I have seen very strong rumours this morning, and been told by a source who has been right in the past (and i stress that, this may be wrong) that we are poised to sign Shrewsbury winger Jon Taylor. I don’t usually blindly say this and that is going to happen as I have been stung before on rumours that come to me, and leave myself to commenting on other rumours, rather than making them. It’s out there that we’re after him, but I have been told this is all but a done deal.

I will confess at this stage that I know next to nothing about this guy, in fact when told of the rumour I knew so little i had to go away and Wiki the player in questions.

Here’s what we do know.
Taylor of Shrewsbury

20 year old winger for Shrewsbury, after being released by Wigan as a youngster. Born in Liverpool, and is 5’11, which isn’t a terrible height for a winger. Now which side exactly the numerous sites I have checked are unclear, so you have to start assume right sidedness, but that’s a guess. The fact no site singles out which side suggests he’s comfortable on both wings (most wingers are these days) He also gets a few goals. Wingers are EXACTLY what we need.

It’s exactly the type of player I suggested in the FFP post the other day we should get. Young up and coming, wages will be less, and potential future profits if he’s a star have to be considered (all part of the great FFP picture) That and I believe they are hungrier than a player on fat wages moving down the leagues, who feel they have nothing to prove anymore.

Leicester are being linked, as well as numerous other Championship clubs being suggested to be sniffing around. Palace are waiting to see where they end up, Millwall fans seem to want him though they aren’t going to be signing anyone till they get a new manager.

All in all it’s good even to be linked with these players, and if it comes off, all the better. We need to focus on these up and coming players which have been an area of transfer success for other clubs, whilst us signing Prem has beens isn’t working and never has.

No idea what this would cost. Not huge amounts. Even if he is out of contract there will be compensation due as he is only 20. It seems he might be looking at moving on as previously they fought tooth and nail to keep him last year and after a good season he wants to try his hand at the next level up.

If it doesn;t happen then I apologise. This is why I don’t like to go with this stuff (especially after the whole Bader thing) But it’s quiet and I needed something to write. This looks likely in my own personal opinion.