Back On?

Ok we have to rely on a number of factors that you wouldn’t wish on your own team to happen to Palace or Bolton, whereby they go do a Forest style melt down and try their hardest to avoid promotion. It can happen, we’ve all seen the way the top of the table have tripped over this year, but it’s still more unlikely than seeing as pinch berth number in the play offs. That said, automatic promotion from League One 5 years ago seemed more unlikely.

You can’t help but notice the missed opportunity that is this season and this last month, the manager of the month curse really striking home hard on Billy, and how much we could come to rue those hit posts versus Barnsley a couple of weeks ago.

But following our first win in an age, we suddenly could make it again. I stress could. I still think it unlikely, and it means we can play a fairly reckless game against Leicester whereby it’s not in our hands so let’s just go and play a wildly entertaining game rather than making sure we don’t lose. After all, we do potentially need goals too depending on the various outcomes (Tonight with Palace playing Millwall being another)

I feel like after every game we lurch from emotion to emotion at the moment, never quite sure where this season is going to take us. It really has been a rollercoaster, and one we’re not sure yet where we get off.

But as I say it makes Saturday’s spectacle hopefully, yes we do need to win, but it’s all relative. We could do everything in our power and not make it, so let’s give the fans something to cheer, play with the blinkers off and go for it. It could be a thing of beauty. Maybe a striker could score.

I mean it can work both ways, we really shouldn’t be here. For one where we were 2/3 months ago there’s no way we should be discussing the playoffs. But then again, where we were 3 or 4 weeks ago, there’s no way we should we discuss not making the playoffs. It is exactly that kind of situation. And it’s one that no matter what occurs Saturday I don’t think the fans can complain. The dark days of McLeish in January is what cost us any chance of going up. Not anything in the mean time. Would we be up there with George Boyd, I doubt he’d have made the difference, but that said his none signing has made all the difference (as I said in the article “In praise of George Boyd’s Eyes, just search for it)

Beating Millwall was vital, as had we gone into these games with nothing to play for, it would have been horrible seeing Leicester turn up with at least something on their plate. They are even more unlikely than us to get into the playoffs, and with all their funding over the last 2 years that is laughable. £5 million centre halves, Sven, and all that. They shouldn’t be in this situation, but that’s the Championship, you can’t buy success. It’s unforgiving like that.

So yeah, in essence it is still all on and all to play for, but only if Bolton (or Palace twice) bottle it and we sneak in.