What a Difference a Day Makes.

Where to Start

It was wisely once sung in a song “What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours” and nothing can be truer here. This time yesterday there was optimism. There was hope. There was a general good feeling about what would unfold. We were in for 3-4 players, and yeah maybe we wouldn’t get them all, but we’d have a good go.

Well, how did that go eh? Not very well at all might be an understatement.

It’s interesting that for a guy who barely played for the club that George Boyd has had such an impact. This has mainly been off the field. A key wedge between board and Davies was the type of signing Boyd represented. Signings being foisted upon him. Now he has an impact in a way I don’t think many of us could have foreseen.

The question of his eyesight is neither here or there. It’s ridiculous that we’d question his eyesight as a factor. He clearly has been fine thus far in his career, and save for an impending meltdown in his eyes then I can’t see it being a huge factor. But a huge new wedge between a new board and a new manager has been slammed into place.

What is apparent is that this whole sorry charade of Boyd’s eye sight is a smoke screen for the real element of what the club were trying. What that is remains to be seen (no pun intended, or maybe just a little bit)

So you ask, what is that? What is it that you think Fawaz and co were trying to do? I have my theories. There are 3 I have in mind, which vary in possibility. The one I favour is that we used it as a way to try and negotiate out of the deal and into a loan, for cheaper, and then as he’s out of contract we could get him for free. Strong-arm Peterborough into a deal they didn’t want, but felt they had no choice to do. He was already sat there, so surely just surely Peterborough would roll over and let us have him. Well no, there’s one thing about Darragh McAnthoney and that is he is strong willed.

But maybe that’s not the case, and I don’t like blind conjecture without looking at a bigger picture. So what else could it be? My second theory is that Fawaz was reluctant on this deal. Maybe he has an advisor or someone he turns to, and this person was a bit unsure about Boyd. That or the avalanche of tweets at hm when this was rumoured saying don’t sign him (ironically considering the current avalanche of tweets now we haven’t) The first hint of being able to get out the deal with a decent explanation to McLeish about why his target hasn’t been signed, and they took it.

Or finally, maybe they simply have something else, though admitted a free transfer or a loan lined up and pulled the plug with a lame excuse.

Because it is clearly a lame excuse to get out the deal, and that’s what’s annoying. We haven’t been told the truth, and the board have made an almost comical excuse to get out of this. I just worry there is more comical excuses where that came from. Maybe in Kuwait they could get away with this but in England the fans are a different animal.

Now the whole has McLeish walked question is something I’m going to wait and see the fallout from. I suspect not. I suspect he was angry, but will carry on in his post.

It will have made McLeish question why he has took the job, almost seemingly a bit like McClaren in his era. A signing he wanted, not made, and the house of cards tumbles down.

However it’s not a good time to be a Forest fan. The infighting with fans and the now quite open questioning of high up decisions is not good. I’m not saying we shouldn’t question them, but like with Doughty after awhile, it means everything they do gets questioned. Because of a few errors, it all falls under the microscope. Every decision Fawaz makes or tweets, fans will be immediately seeing and fearing the worst.

The timing of everything has been off. Since Fawaz took over it’s been frankly a shambles. It seems under Omar we had stability and progress and since Fawaz came in, it's been turmoil, strife and embarrassment. Had we made the three dismissals of Burt, Clark and Arthur when they took over, no-one would have batted an eye lid. But the timing was wrong. The timing of SoD’s dismissal after a glorious win was wrong. 2 weeks earlier and maybe people would have been a little more understanding. And now this. A lot of people had been against the Boyd signing anyway, so seeing the same people now vociferously tweeting Fawaz is odd, but also it’s because we had been led to believe signings were coming. We were promised signings, surprises and all that. #Surprise might be the new “we’re serious promotion” tag line. Something to use against them.

Had we said no there will be no more signings then maybe we’d have not been angry? But it’s the whole being misled thing that bothers most if feel.

Turbulent times ahead. Be interesting to see what Fawaz has to say.