How We Missed a Trick With Billy's Big Screen Video

Davies, before the big screen video, which I can't find any images from

I was mildly disappointed last night with one aspect of the whole match experience. It wasn’t the game, the goals, hell it wasn’t the fact we had the best performance in the John Pye Garibaldi Golden Goal Challenge yet (hard luck pal)

No, it was the fact that we didn’t follow-up Bolton’s experience with a new chapter in Billy’s Big Screen Adventures.

The Bolton game was built up by the pre game of Video of Billy giving s a rousing speech on his return, talking about his new found friendship with Fawaz and how he of course he had unfinished business. (#unfinishedbusiness)

We have missed a trick!! Why not repeat it this week, with Billy’s new thoughts after a few days.  He could tell us how trainings been going, or who he is advising and recommending this week to be signed.
Indeed, we could have themed weeks. He could don a mystic Meg wig and start giving his predictions on various matters. And in true Mystic Meg style he could have given us sneaky details on who will succeed this week.  “This week, the numbers 9 and 28 will be lucky, and the name McIntosh will be happy. Finally People from Glasgow will be celebrating”
Mystic Meg

In fact, what with Billy being far more newsworthy than Sean O’Driscoll, who’d have been rubbish on the big screen in this regard, mumbling about possession and pass completion rates, and not being nearly as famous as Billy, we could have weekly updates on what news Billy has been involved with. Whether it was East Midlands Airport bound flight updates, or Tommy Sheridan escapades, truth is life on the Billy Rollercoaster was always much more fun.  Why not even special guest appearances from his lawyer!!

We may as well get our money’s worth out of these new screens, and we all know Billy would love to be on them more often.

Cheers though Billy, it was rousing and it got the crowed going, and all joking aside it was good to see the old boy hasn’t changed.

We certainly have got Our Billy back