The Radi Contract Situation

It turned out yesterday that Radoslaw Majewski had tuned down a contract offer of a year extension from Forest. This has left a great deal of fans distraught. The cat calls and wails of it’s the usual Forest way of letting players go for free for not sorting out proper deals.

Perhaps it is, and perhaps it isn’t.

Consider we don’t usually get to know the ins and outs of contract negotiations till either a deal is signed like with Gillett, or on other hand that we know they are definitely off and definitely not signed a deal.

A great many point out to last season and the players we lost for free. That’s unfair though. Last season wasn’t normal. For one we were embroiled in a relegation fight, that meant we didn’t want to give new deals to players we wouldn’t be able to afford. Secondly our finances were in such a parlous state that we were in no position to tie people to deals. A third facet is the perceived injustice from longer term players, who were angry the likes of Derbyshire, Greening and Reid were parachuted into the squad on double if not treble their own wages, and wanted either parity, or a deal elsewhere. Hence Morgan left although for a fee, and ultimately Chambers, McCleary and Lynch.

The financial instability has gone, but the ongoing question of where our future lies has not. For if we get to the promised land of the Premier League, do we really want to be saddled down long term by players who won’t be good enough. And let’s face it; Majewski is not a Premiership quality player. A capable and often genius Championship player that transition may not be easy for the Pole. Therefore it seems the club are looking to keep people on short term deals so that we can easily then jettison them in the next year or two. Rather than be saddled with players for ¾ years, who frankly won’t be near the team. I assume this will be the case for virtually all our current team, who although are very competent Championship players, all of them are untried or failed at the top flight level.

Additionally to this is the fact we simply don’t know if this offer was an opening gambit from Forest to test the water. After all this news wasn’t broken by Forest. Radi’s own agent might release this to invite other more lucrative offers. This in turn could be a catalyst for Forest to increase their offer. Remember the Moussi situation, where his agent spun that half the world wanted him, which turned out to be false. Similarly with Tyson. People are so willing to blame the club; they forget the shadowy operations of agents, who would also see a player moving on a Bosman as a cash cow for themselves.

There are two ways this could go, one is Forest improve their offer. Or second and unlikely is that was our only offer. It’s funny how most people seem to base their knowledge of running a club based on Football Manager at times and yet seem to forget this most basic element of the game. Ho really playing that every makes a first offer that is what the player wants. Unless this is the same type of idiot who turns that option off. However, Majewski could be able to be negotiating with foreign clubs as we speak, and make no mistake if a British club was interested they would have sounded out Majewski’s agent. Therefore he will be more than aware what he could get elsewhere. And in the same way we are forcing Birmingham’s hand on a player they will soon lose for free; other clubs might hope the same for Forest.

This is a very murky time of year; clubs in these tough times increasingly will leave negotiations till they know what their future holds. Nobody wants high waged players in a lower division as much as I said about filler players in the Premier League, with the likes of QPR squad inundated with players they collected on their rise but never got shot of.

So it ultimately comes down to the fact we really don’t know the ins and outs, other than press releases in Poland, and that this may have been a simple first offer. We may make a better offer. At the end of the day there was a telling line from Majewski, or more likely his agent. We never got as far as discussing wages. Because after all, like Camp or Blackstock that too might be a stumbling block in negotiations. Like I said with other offers, he may well have a heightened sense of worth. Only the next few weeks will tell.

Lastly, McLeish might not even have him central to his longer term plans. Therefore only a shorter deal offered. As much as you might not like that, he is the manager after all.

But as always, the fact that so many people get so vocal about something ultimately out of their control. We don’t always know the full picture remember. Before you get angry, wait and see what develops