McLeish Gets First Win

Forest claimed their first win under Alex McLeish at the weekend with a victory that came via what has been an unusual forum. Set Pieces.

For so long now Forest haven’t scored from corners. In this game we scored two. Indeed even Peterboroughs goal came from corner, after defensive mishaps from Forest.

Forest were of course welcoming Karl Darlow to the first team. Although he has played before it was never in this context and relatively pressure free. Darlow more than rose to the occasion, although he didn’t have a lot to do, what he did he did competently. Even dashing out of the area to make clearances that perhaps Camp might not have. The goal from Posh cannot be pinned on Darlow and for that he can be pleased.

At their end both centre halves scored, and in the post match coverage this was mentioned from a Twitter use. It is rare but sweet when those two both score. Ok Halford goal was slightly contentious, I still can’t be sure due to where I sit if it went in, but the flag went straight up, and the protestations weren’t that strong.

The second goal could have no complaints at all in that regard. It was a powerful headed effort by Elliot Ward on his return. And a word for the central defence partnership who looked strong and solid. Ward made one challenge he missed that he probably should have been booked for, but at the end of the day sometimes you need those decisions to go for you.

As well as the central defenders, the full backs looked good. Harding attacked well, and Jara looked more than good enough on his debut. He attacked well, passed well and did hi defensive work. His first 3 /4 touches maybe went astray and one or two mutters were heard but he soon won people over.

The midfield was more of a diamond than the previous 1-3 formation. It still  looked narrow, but seemed to allow Majewksi to get forward

The one let down and slightly personally for me because I singled him out as a definite star when we signed him was Lansbury. This is a big chance with Reid out the side and I feel he didn’t really take his chance. Ok he got an assist with the first corner, but for me that was all he really did well. 

The attacks had a somewhat quiet game. Sharp had a good header well saved, but apart from that there were slim pickings for them, not really their fault as they rely on what’s set up for them,

Majewski was man of the match despite his two glaring misses. It is a shame that his performance couldn’t be finished off with a goal. Like Lansbury he got an assist from a corner.

Overall it was a pleasing for the Reds. Peterborough aren’t a good side but they have been on better form and it was an absolutely vital win to pick up especially considering the forthcoming Derby game.