A Bad Day All Round

I had a bad feeling about the game yesterday that however didn’t stop me thinking we could do it and me putting a little something on for the Forest win. That’s' now money lost, which makes it a little bit more sour.

We deserved to lose make no mistake. What was also crushing was that we just played abject ugly football, yet we don’t have the players for ugly. The problem there being the core of the tam was built for a pretty passing game, and now they are being asked to play physical. They have those tools; they just aren’t very good at using them.

Watford are a very good side, and the Udinese influence on them was very strong yesterday. Vydra is of course on loan from the Italians, and whether they take him back next year or do what Udinese do and look to make a profit, they have a very talented young man on the hands in Matej Vydra. He looked dangerous all game, and in a way reminds me of Arshavin when he first arrived, not being the tallest but being very capable with his feet.

We let him do that all too often. Having to physical but no very quick or mobile defenders played in Watford’s hands with Deeney and Vydra like a pair of wasp’s constantly buzzing round. The lack of pace at the back really cost us when repeatedly they got in behind us. Darlow cannot be blamed for any of the goals which is pleasing in one regard that at least the three goals can’t be pinned on his fragile career and destroy his confidence.

I left this awhile to write to try and digest just what I saw instead of a raw emotional review. I think that might have been the better idea. I feel so flat about yesterday’s game now that it's hard to even get any motivation to discuss it. For one I can't seem to think of any single positive we can take, whereas in other defeats there is something to hold on to.

We never looked capable of winning, the best chance we had of scoring was unbelievably missed by Deter Blackstock, and I can only remember maybe 2 shots on target. Almunia didn’t have a hard day at the office.

And all this makes me feel rather despondent. Now I see other sites or on twitter the doom mongers are out in force. Really also starting to call into question the al-Hasawi's but that performance wasn't their fault. It was just the wrong side, the wrong players, the wrong day and the wrong opposition.

Positivity though needs to be returned. A defeat like that knocks the stuffing out, and I can see partially why McLeish is saying he is so desperate to bring in some freshness and new faces. However some of what else he discussed after the game was a bit weird. And to be honest he didn’t sound like he really knew how to fix this malaise in the team. That’s another worry. 

Promotion and the playoffs look further off than ever, and to be honest an unachievable dream.