Jermaine Jenas - To Sign or Not to Sign

So as January starts looming into view on the horizon I think it’s time to start looking at what business we may or may not be doing. I shall be concentrating on the loan signings we currently have and whether we could look at longer deals, or permanent deals.

Jenas back at Forest

Starting with Jermaine Jenas is as good a place as any seeing as he is fairly high profile in terms of our signings.

Initially on a month and then extended his return to the Reds has been blighted by injuries. Or “injuries” if some are to be believed with their conspiracy theories.

The main problem with Jenas and questioning a permanent deal is the very fact we were amazed to get him. He is a Premiership player, and whether he would take a big step in making his stay at this level a permanent one instead of a brief fitness & form seeking trip.

Another huge stumbling block would be the wage issue. Believed to be on £45k a week at Spurs, of which we are (again rumoured) paying £15k a week, this would be too much for a club on a Championship budget. Ok, we still aren’t sure how deep the al-Hasawi pockets go, but it would be as big a statement of intent if we did make it a new signing. However, imagine the dismay in the dressing room this would cause whereby we’d have a player, who’s prone to be injured and potentially not playing on a great deal more than those playing week in week out.

But personally I feel it was a nice little piece of nostalgia. But we need to look forward to long term fixes. Jenas although a good player will no doubt have an eye on trying to keep his Premier Career going maybe at least another 2-3 years. To look at a long term deal might not be best. With the potential signing of these Irish wingers from Derry City, it would mean less scope for strength in depth in the middle of midfield. Therefore less chances.

Also does Jenas want to come back permanently? I mean he’s said he’s happy to be back and enjoying his time, BUT, he is saying that knowing its short term. His mindset might be entirely different in a long term deal. He might begrudge having to drop down a division.

All in all, i wouldn’t rule it our nor would I say no, but neither would I want the club to particularly chase this signing.