Financial Issues? Or More Bad Journalism?

It was reported in some gutter press this week that we hadn’t paid our players or some agent fees. This was left alluding to a financial cash flow problem at the club but not confirmed.

One report is it’s a glitch with the BAC’s payment system at the club. Whether this is the case as with most of this article is speculation at best.

There are mixed rumours on the net surrounding whether we had or hadn’t paid these wages. One person suggested on the forum it was a definite fact without actually providing anything other than hearsay, whilst another forum member (IntotheForest) cited he has a friend employed by the club in the shop, and that any issue affected paying the wages of players would surely also affect retail staff.

That is a distinct possibility. Whether there is a separation or demarcation between different divisions of the club and how wages are paid I have no idea. One thing I do know is that other clubs when in trouble generally don’t pay admin, retail or playing staff all at the same time. SO this would probably indicate it’s bollocks.

But that ascribes the same structure at other clubs to Forest. There might be a separate division or part of the “company” that pays the non essential non playing staff.

This is all pure conjecture mind you. And I tend to think it’s something that isn’t a problem. If it was why would be in the process of spending large sums on sprucing up the stadium? And up to a reported £1million on big screens and rolling adverts. This is all an expense that if there was a problem would definitely be shelved.

The only other thing was potentially a delay in transferring Kuwaiti funds over to the UK if this is true. That may have seen some arranged payments missed, but again this is all guesswork and potentially all smoke and mirrors.

The main part for me is that there hasn’t been mass hysteria about this like we would have seen last week. Seems like an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill and make issues with our new owners again by the press.

I think we all remember the ridiculousness of the Daily Mail piece that suggested after a week of the new regime that we’d be only signing Arabic players and that because we hadn’t spent big our new owners were penniless. People just seem to want to create issues with the al-Hasawi's, thankfully its people with no bearing on matters and not the Nottingham press, but ill informed nationals.

However thanks to our friends over the river, everyone starts muttering “Munto” and thinking it could all be that. It isn’t. But it still plays into opposing fans and detractors hands.

Everything is fine