Drama! Intrigue! Made Up Stuff on Twitter!

Melt down. That’s all I can say. The Forest timeline this morning has been nothing but plan straight ridiculous. 2 players deleting accounts Halford apparently either being hacked or having false screen grabs made of what he said by other people. (It did say this isn’t what he signed up for, but the quality of text and general look of the screen didn’t look “right” suggests it’s fake, plus there’s clearly a discoloured greyed area) It’s faintly ridiculous. Rather than think calm or sanely, the sizeable number just assumed the very worst.

It’s a worry how readily and easily so many lap it up. Look I’m as guilty as anyone for refreshing my page this morning to see what’s really occurring, but the difference has been trying to restore a semblance of normality and calm instead retweeting every piece of blind speculation, or making up your won unfounded reasons for what may or may not have happened. Though I did like the comment that maybe he was just on about his Broadband deal, or Mobile phone contract.

It seems however we have not learnt our lessons from a couple of years ago. Remember when Doughty was on Twitter? Remember how we liked it and applauded it, and then when the merest hint of something we didn’t like occurred fans hounded him off. Well there we go again; it may or may not have happened with Lansbury and Coppinger. Halford has been quick to say the comments attributed to him have nothing to do with him, and in the face of anything to argue otherwise why would we disbelieve him?

Now maybe there are one or two interlopers. Fans of other teams revelling in the mass gullibility of some of us. Or even just revelling in the fake drama and intrigue they have started.

The one thing I notice with Forest fans on Twitter more than most other clubs is our readiness to blindly start thinking that anything tweeted must be true, no matter the quality of the source. So that something from the club itself or a respected news outlet doesn’t seem to register more highly than a random teenager making shit up. In fact we are so readily seeking out something newsworthy that that the random made up news gets more attention because it’s “fresh” and “unreported”

For instance, I saw someone suggesting Coppinger and Lansbury had been in a fight and that’s why they both left. What? Where the hell did they get that from other than, well there must be a reason, I don’t know a reason, so I’m going to blindly speculate.

In august it was silly with transfer rumours, but now because we have lost 2 games in a row (but remain in the top half a short distance from the playoffs) people are willing and ready to believe this isn’t because we happened to lose 2 games, but because the squad all hate each other (despite evidence otherwise on twitter) and that the Kuwaiti’s want to sack Sean O’Driscoll (ask yourself if they were inpatient and wanted him out would they have quoted a 2 year plan, and for the matter put in a lesser name manager and then give him no time?)

No people are so ready and so willing to believe any old gossip so they can go off and talk about it too. We all know it’s probably false, but it’s a bit of blind gossip and who doesn’t enjoy that?

I was going to post today about the random occasional idiots I have heard saying SoD should be sacked or at least called into question. The usual Billy Davies Acolytes materialised from nowhere on Saturday evening (forget him) and a bloke at work yesterday, who doesn’t go to games or even listen said we need to sack him. That is what I am mainly annoyed with. Part timers, who don’t know anything trying to be the ones spreading the rumours, or the ones cultivating disharmony, because , well I don’t know why someone would try and do that, but I guess it makes them feel involved, rather than actually spend their time and energy actually getting behind the club.

That’s the crux of this. Instead of sneaking round on Twitter trying to make gossip, or tweeting stuff at players about they aren’t good enough, tweet them stuff about how we can do well, and positivity. You really think a player receiving tweets telling him he’s not good enough will really be spurred or inspired to play for us? If some stupid 15 year old keyboard warrior abuses him time and time again, it doesn’t make you feel settled. Yes they should be bigger than it, but they are just humans too. We all do better in our roles in life with encouragement. I guess the ones abusing are as I say bored kids, or just bored wastrels trying to feel better about their own crap lives. It genuinely at times feels at times that people want to destabilise the club and create problems.

Keep Calm, and stay Loyal.