Hutton Signing Adds Quality

As soon as we signed Alan Hutton yesterday Twitter lit up amongst Forest fans with a mixture of views. On the whole positive with a number of detractors. And a few errant Derby fans suggesting a man who cost £9mill a few years ago isn’t fit for any Championship team, which is an interesting standpoint to take.

Ok the guy has had a questionable disciplinary record in the past, but then that shows a grit and determination. I’ve seen him play on Sky a few times and he’s a nasty player, just whole hearted. Let’s be honest here, Chris Gunter could be a right snide dirty bugger, so if this Hutton’s game, then fine.

There was a point in the game against Wednesday last week, where Brendan Moloney got absolutely skinned, it wasn’t the first or last time, but it showed two things, one that he can be easily be beaten, and 2 that unfortunately, he isn’t good enough. Like Gregor Robertson before him, we can wish him to come through all we like, but when a young full back is getting skinned all game, it’s dangerous and unpleasant to watch. Moloney also seems to have no confidence to try and get past a player. Many a time on Saturday he got up the field to a good position only to check back, rather than try and get past his man. He did supply a great cross at one point, but it showed to me a lack of confidence.

Hutton doesn’t lack that, and he won’t in stepping down a level. So if he can also get to those positions and provide some additional width then we will be all the better for it. His bookings and red cards come from when in the Premiership he goes in recklessly on a pacey tricky winger, which are considerably trickier in the Premier League, so he shouldn’t have to resort to that side of his game down here, touch wood.

Also he has a point to prove, and is putting himself in the shop window. Hutton is surplus to requirements at Villa so for the next month, he will do all he can to get form and show he still has it so that another Prem team might take a chance. Therefore if he has any sense, and let’s hope he does, he will play out of his skin. I’m not sure when his Villa contract expires so he might even be playing for a new deal.

One assumes what with his high previous fees and Premier League experience his wages would be too high for us, besides, someone like Stoke or Norwich might always take a punt on him rather than coming down to us, but for now, we have an international Premier League player with multi million pound transfer behind him in our midst. These are good times people.