Greening Exiled to Barnsley

I say exile, as Barnsley is rapidly being where Forest players are going to be sent to seed. Harewood, Tudgay and now Greening are all there now. Remnants of last year’s failed season congregating in south Yorkshire for a second chance.

I am perhaps being unfair but Greening became synonymous with last season’s failures. Harewood too, bought in to get goals, in a team failing. Neither succeeded. Tudgay of course has been here longer and at least experienced some of the good days. But as Forest has evolved he has slipped further and further down the pecking order.

Now of course for both its good to be getting match practice, and let’s be honest whatever, if anything Barnsley is paying toward wages will also mean less financial burden. Even if that’s no longer the worry it was, it’s still good to have these players off the bill rather than not. For one it may create animosity in the dressing room, people unhappy people playing less than them earn more. If they aren’t there, it’s not a factor.

Also if they are getting match practice, it means they will be more match sharp should we need to call upon on them in a crisis. More so Tudgay than Greening, but his loan is with a view to a permanent move. Greening is in a position so laden with players he could have the greatest few games of his life and it’s unlikely he’d get back in our team.

Good luck to them though.