Welcome Home JJ

I will start this on a sour note and build up to the crux of this article. The last midfielder and player from that golden generation to return was Prutton, remember how that ended up eh?
Ok, let’s get past that, as Prutton although quality wasn’t the same class or type of player as Jenas, who looks extremely likely to be returning. I have blinked before in one these and gone with an article before official, and was wrong with Al-Mutawa’s work permit, but hey ho.
So now we have simply the greatest midfield assembled in the last ooooh, 15 years at this club? Yeah since 1999 at very least. So 4 or 5 from the following, Gillette, Jenas, Lansbury, McGugan, Coppinger, Guedioura, Reid, Majewski, Moussi, Cohen and errr Greening. Ok 3 can be discounted. Greening’s Forest career is now all but officially over. I expect to see him shipped out somewhere, just to get him away. Cohen is still going to be away from full fitness. Moussi, well Moussi has always split fans, but SoD doesn’t seem to fancy him very much.
It’s still a wealth of options in the middle, and a welcome boost ahead of the Derby game. People have attempted to discredit Jenas but the fact remains he has international experience, and has played at the top flight for a long while. You don’t do that without having ability. And without any first team chances he will be hungry to prove he still has it and secure a January move to another Premier club probably. If we can help him, and therefore he helps us in that time, perfect.
I never really saw Jenas in his first spell, I was away at University and only got glimpses on the TV, or on odd occasions I was home for a game. So this should be a learning curve for me too.
But where does this leave us? We already had a crowded midfield, with options galore. Lansbury and Cohen coming back into the fold looked like we were already top heavy, but now we have added this heavyweight name.
Whether this means a return to 4-2-3-1 in some games is unsure, I expect to see Lansbury move to the right wing to take a slot in the team there, with Coppinger seemingly there as back up and experience.
So welcome home JJ, just the kind of figure head signing we need.
Oh can I just say I called it first months ago. When the al-Hasawi family took over, one of the things I said they should and could do was sign a strong ex NFFC player, and recommended Jenas. Just saying folks.