O Yea O Yea, All is Well

Bad town cryer analogy I know, but it is the case that usually by now we are in crisis, about to be in crisis, one injury away from crisis or any other variant on being nearly a club in crisis. It makes writing a blog very difficult.
You see when everything is going well, what we can we point out? There’s no point dissecting the team, analysing where it s gone wrong, as its going well. There’s no point pointing out we need to strengthen somewhere, its going well. There s no point in looking at the formation, you guessed it, it’s all going well.
As a consequence you can’t really sit down to describe how the teams ace, there’s nothing to moan about. Blogs, forums, on means of communication we have now on Forest or suchlike, mainly usually concentrate on the bad. There’s more to discuss. More to argue, who is to blame, the board, the manager the players? Not anymore. For now.
You see even under Davies, even when things were going well there were things to argue about. We had gaping holes in the team being taped over. The manager would be ostracising or dividing fans like never before, was it all the boards fault we didn’t go up etc,  it gave us talking points. O’Driscoll with his happy camp, squad full of players, balanced team isn’t providing that. Damn them to hell for running a happy camp!!.
Even the backroom team look settled. They were all McLarens men, yet O’Driscoll after Cotterill too has retained them, we can’t even moan about them, hell it looks like John Pemberton is coming back to strengthen those ranks.

I can’t even moan about youth policy. There are plans possibly afoot to strengthen the academy. We have 3 Academy graduates in and around the squad, despite spending millions. The new owners recognise the importance of investing in youth. Perfect.
And now. Just now in fact, I have read Matt Derbyshire has gone out on loan to Oldham, we can’t even moan about him and his family reinvesting his wages in the various cinemas of the world.
The ground and updating or moving has also been mentioned so it’s good to see an eye on the long term rather than just investing for now to get promoted and worry about it later.
In all, everything is great, no complaints. Maybe the pies could be better. Yeah lets focus on the pies. Make them cheaper. Lets demonstrate amount the food prices, because we’re Forest fans, we need to something to grumble about.