At Least Derby Can't End Another Unbeaten Run

So, we lost the unbeaten run at long last this weekend in Leeds, although it had looked likely the Tuesday before. Back to back away games have yielded a point and that point was a bit smash and grab.
That said we nearly could have gotten more out of two games we struggled to start in, and gave ourselves just too much to do to get the win (much like my own self in a Triathlon this weekend, but that’s another matter)

Dexter Blackstock celebrates scoring equaliser v Palace
Palace remains a relatively happy hunting ground for us; the point we got meaning we have a run of results there now which shows Selhurst Park is barely a fortress. Leeds however is a very mixed ground for Forest. We either get screwed over like 2 years ago, destroy them, like last year, or merely do a classic Forest where we fall behind, briefly rally, but ultimately fail.

It has seen Dexter Blackstock sneak his way up the goal scoring ranks with 2 strikes in 2 games for a player looking like he could be left on the brink, sidelined for Cox and Sharp to take the first two striker spots. It’s a great response. Rather than sulk, or disappear into the shadows, Dexter has rallied and this means he stays in the managers thoughts.

The fact that against Place we had to come back with 10 men after Guedioura was sent off made it feel better than what it might have been. Against Leeds Lansbury made his debut. There are positives in there, there are also distinct negatives, namely the face we are shipping goals, be it 1 or 2, they add up, and turn wins to draws and draws to defeats.

It also brings us back to earth, we aren’t going to walk this division and there are more than capable teams out there. Reality is back. And the knowledge that there will be bad days. That the 2 season approach the al-Hasawis has taken may be the best option, maybe the only choice. These players are relatively new to each other still. So mistakes will sneak in, misunderstandings will occur. It takes months to get that footballer telepathy happening.

Derby end a previous unbeaten run

The face we aren’t alone as well in losing unbeaten records so speaks volumes. This division is competitive. Look at Barnsley beating Birmingham 5-0 at St Andrews. Unexpected but underlines the fact anyone can do anyone on their day here.

Of course up next is the small matter of Derby, and by god won’t we just hear about the fact they only had 10 men. I expect at least 20 renditions to be sung, sadly predictable. Hopefully though we give them another tonking to send them back with their tails between their legs. It should be more than possible, this is a weaker Derby team than I have seen for a while.