Transfer Gossip - August 21

With the news after the game on Saturday that up to 3 players could come in and specifically a right winger, there have been a few names bandied about, mostly the same names, which tends to suggests there is credence to these rumours.
Here is a summary of where we are at in terms of gossip, rumour and guesswork, as always taken from around the net, and looked at entirely subjectively and ridiculed where fit.


The Kuwaiti’s
The long, ever running saga of work permits for Khalid al-Rashidi and Bader al-Motawa rumbles on. There is strong rumour that tomorrow is the big day we find out what’s happening. We shall see.

Adam Hammill
The Wolves winger is up for sale, and is the perfect fit for the fact we want a creative winger, coupled with Championship experience, and the fact we have expressed interest before it seems the perfect fit for the Reds. It is widely spread on the likes of Twitter, and people are expecting the now customary Fawaz tweet to announce the deal.

Thomas Ince
Whilst also being linked with Hammill, we were briefly also linked with Thomas Ince, a rumour the ever unreliable Paul Taylor suggested seemed unlikely, saying neither club had been in touch regards the deal, as far he knows anyway. He also knew that the Kuwaiti’s weren’t buying Forest. Suggests he doesn’t know a lot. Anyway, he would be an amazing acquisition, for me he is a very exciting winger good on either foot.

Morgan Ferrier
Never heard of him till checking Newsnow earlier, but he’s a 17 year old previously released by Arsenal, and now Watford and up for grabs. O’Driscoll has him briefly on trial at Crawley and has kept tabs on him, and appears to want to add him to our youth policy. Can’t hurt I guess, but I know as much as I have just written about him.


David McGoldrick
Coventry have been linked for a move, whether it is loan or permanent depending on source. I’d say loan more likely as they are unlikely to want to saddle a potentially expensive player to a long term deal. Perhaps they have merely sounded us out on the possibility. We do have a glut of strikers, and IF Bader signs he would be a similar player, maybe that’s what we’re waiting for. McGoldrick simply hasn’t worked out here and perhaps it’s best he move on.

Radoslaw Majewski
Always seemingly linked with fringe Premiership clubs but with no real evidence or source, Majewski has now been linked with West Brom and Reading in recent weeks. A Fee of £1.5m as bandied around as likely, which sounds fair enough, more fair than the insane £4-5mill some people think he’s worth. I’ll never understand the people who worship him, yeah’ he’s handy but some make him out to be a world beater.

Matt Derbyshire
Unfortunately, no news here. Keep praying folks.