McGugan Wonder Goal Welcome Reminder of What He Can Do

I’ll make this abundantly clear at the start, I didn’t see the game, I was at Leeds festival so this isn’t a match report per se, however since seeing the goals, and especially McGugans (which Vincent Kompany felt moved to tweet about) I did want to comment that it’s been too long that we saw this side of McGugan.

Nearly 2 years, well maybe 18 months, I was compelled to put together a video for the website celebrating McGugans string of wonder goals. He was scoring one every other week. 8,9, maybe 10 goals worthy of any pitch, although the Ipswich free kick strike was most people’s winner of goal of season, the Cardiff away goal was my personal favourite, and this goal reminded me of it.

Not quite out of nothing, he had space, and a moment to adjust, it was still largely unexpected to shoot there and then, and with such precision. That precision is the key, shooting from such a range should allow the keeper a moment to adjust position, to read the flight, to react. Not though when hit with the precision and power, a very hard combination.

Yes he should be closed down quicker perhaps straight away, not allowing that second to produce what he can, but maybe Bolton weren’t as aware as many other Championship squads were. Was it that defenders were rise to him last season which restricted him? Was it the managers being unable to utilise him rightly, both McLaren and Cotterill. Probably an element of that too.

But that he was in the position, took the shot and succeeded bodes well. When McGugan is clicking and on form, so do Forest. He could be that focal point to succeed on, if only he was more consistent and didn’t go missing in games. The new passing should benefit him though.

It won’t work every game, you deny him space and he won’t get these chances, so a lot of teams deny him that time these days. That does however then free up our other power hitter Adlene Guedioura to fire at will from range, and we know all too well what he is capable of. Just seems McGugan’s efforts have that finesse, that precision in his shots, whereas Guedioura is all raw power.

I will say this about the goals I saw from Friday night, and that also involved looking at tactical analysis that our new Technical advisor provides. He has a YouTube channel on which I saw his analysis, and yes there were defensive lapses. People not picking up players, leaving their man etc. These need to be cut out. Invariably it is a more attacking player covering whose attention lapses for that second that defenders wouldn’t. This will happen, but the team needs to be a united unit. It’s not quite there yet, we didn’t have enough pre season games to have fully clicked, but it will come. And when it does with what we are building, we could blow teams away.